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The world of Teyvat by Genshin influence It’s full of unique and intriguing characters, so it’s no wonder fans are dying to see some of them get together. MiHoYo doesn’t have any romantic or actual pairings between the characters in the storyline, but there are plenty of fun moments between the characters.

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Fans certainly love character shipping and many hope that romance will one day become a main feature of Taivat, but for now the community will simply have to wish. of Genshin The community has a very extensive ship list, with nearly 60 playable characters that ship with each other.

Here are some of the top 10 ships in Genshin Impact so far and some of the most popular by the community.

1) Lumine/Aether (The Traveler) and Tartaglia (Child) – (Chillumi or Chillator)

One of the most popular ships in Genshin Society is traveling and Tartalia. The two have all the makings of the signature enemies-turned-lovers trope. While this trope can be toxic and unhealthy at times, the Traveler and Tartalia actually learn to respect each other and become friends despite being on very opposite sides.

Tartaglia is generally considered to be a very friendly and kind person, but underneath he is an unknown and bloodthirsty warrior. He likes to fight worthy opponents and takes great pleasure in taking the traveler in the “Enter the Golden House” battle.

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The Fatui have despised them ever since they saw the traveler La Singora stealing the Venti Gnosis and Tartaglia being one of the 11 Fatui Harbingers. Despite this, the two get along well.

The Fatui Harbinger is definitely a bit of a confusing sign and this seems to be what the traveler does for him. Although they fight, Tartaglia gains respect for the Traveler in the battle and views them in an extremely positive light as a result of the battle.

Tartaglia respects the traveler so much that he tells his younger brother that if given the chance, he would give up his job to join the traveler in his adventure. He also invites the traveler to visit his home and meet his family, though the two have yet to follow through on those plans.

While Tartaglia completely respects the traveler and seems to have no ill intentions towards them, the traveler himself becomes increasingly suspicious of his true intentions. Regardless, the two have reconciled after their big fight, but it is certain that much will be revealed in the future of their relationship.

Fans of this ship will especially love Tartaglia’s vocal line during the adventure quest “Getting Out of Troubles and Lies.” “I wish I could have stayed here a little longer,” Tartaglia said as he was about to leave. The more you spend somewhere, the more fun it brings you when you return. You are like the stars in the night sky, my friend. They never cease to amaze me.

Fans often choose this ship with Lumine, the female version of the traveler, but Lumine’s male counterpart is also shipped by many fans because of the same storyline.

2) Beidu and Ningguang – (Beiguang)

Although no relationship on this list is more than friendship, these two can be very suspicious and are easily one of the most unpopular singles. Genshin influence A ship among the community. Beidou and Ningguang have many intimate and suggestive lines of dialogue and are both popular female bosses.

Beidou and Ningguang are both powerful and influential women in Liyue, though in vastly different ways. Beidou is the captain of the Crux and rules the sea, Ningguang is the business mogul and Liu Qixing Tianquan.

Although they are basically opposites, they both command respect wherever they go. Beidou and Ningguang live very different lives, but share a unique bond and mutual respect.

all of them Genshin influence The characters have only had one signature outfit for a while, but Mihoyo is constantly working on adding new outfits for the playable characters. A particularly interesting moment between Baidu and Ningguang occurs because of this at Liyue’s special event of the Lantern Rite Festival when Ningguang gets a new outfit and the following interaction occurs.

3) Raiden Shogun (Ei) and Yae Miko – (EiMiko)

Because of the unique and intimate relationship these two characters have, this ship is closer to reality than the others. Raiden Shogun generally prefers solitude in her pursuit of immortality, but that miko is one of her closest allies and the two players have a playful relationship and frequently tease each other.

That Miko’s line about Raiden Shogun is something fans of this ship discuss all the time. This line, “Locking herself in the plane of Euthymia when she clearly wants to get out—is deliberate self-torture, really… On the other hand, it’s also stubborn—but cute, don’t you think? “

4) Lumine/Aether (The Traveler) and Xiao – (XiaoLumi or Xiaother)

Another popular cruise fan favorite for the traveler is Xiao. No matter Lumine or Aether, the dynamic with Xiao is very healthy and special.

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Xiao is extremely antisocial and prefers to be left alone, but is always there when the traveler needs to be, no matter what. Due to his Yaksha status, he has no interest in mortal matters and views most human rules as meaningless, but he is more relaxed and interested in dealing with the Traveler.

5) Diluk and Kaya – (Kailuk)

While many fans see this ship as a brotherhood, others find this dynamic too complicated for the romance between them. No matter how you view this ship, there’s no denying that these two have a special chemistry and are the epitome of a love-hate relationship.

Accurately reflecting the nature of their relationship, D’Luc is a Pyro character and Kea is a Kryo character. Fire and Ice are polar opposites, just like these two, and yet there is something fans love about the two meeting. The characteristic red and blue color schemes help to reinforce the contrasting beauty of this vessel.

6) Tartaglia (Child) and Zhongli – (Zongchi)

Tartaglia and Zhongli are close friends. Genshin influence, but many fans want them to be more. Zongli’s Geo Arc stance always made him forget about Mora, causing Tartalia to regularly cover for him and make fun of both of his long-running jokes. Genshin Community and Maiho themselves Tartaglia is a “Zongli Bag”.

The duo can often be found going out to dinner or drinks together and have a strong relationship. Zongli and Tartaglia may have the best interaction of any couple on this list, fans like to discuss a lot, such as when Tartaglia says, “There’s more to that guy than meets the eye.” As for the amount of power… I think it’s something to look forward to,” regarding Zhongli.

7) Jean and Deluc – (Jeanluc)

In fact, this is one of the most possible pairings if Miho were to introduce a romance in . Genshin Impact List of playable characters. Although Jean and DeLuc lead different lives, they share a common commitment to work and a deep respect for each other.

Diluc is separated from the Knights of Favonius, so he doesn’t like them, but he completely admires and respects him, he respects Jean, the protagonist of Favonius. Jin hopes to learn to understand him better and Diluc is a member of the Knights of Favonius that he respects.

Jean and DeLuc’s mutual love for Mondstadt and undying respect for each other make this ship’s foundation strong and easily canon.

8) Venti and Xiao – (XiaoVen)

Venti is Anemo Archon and Xiao is Adeptus, which means both characters have important and powerful roles. Personality-wise, Venti tends to be free-spirited and playful while Xiao is different and serious.

The popularity of the Venti and Xiao ships is derived from their opposites and centers around how these two are very different but complement each other. Their color schemes are very similar in nature.

9) Tartaglia (Child) and Scaramouche – (Chiscara)

The more players learn about Scaramouche, the stronger the ship support between the two Fatui Harbingers becomes. The two are very similar in that the two are trails on the outskirts of the Fatui Harbinger group and both are considered unexpectedly dangerous.

Tartaglia is carefree and charming, while Scaramouche is cunning and unpredictable. Although many of them describe themselves as very different individuals, the two ultimately have very similar characteristics and goals and are more similar than many think.

Both characters have been through a lot and both are more than they seem on the surface. They both experienced a lot of pain and suffering in the same way and could easily communicate and help each other.

These two players have not met for players to witness. Genshin influence Not yet, but they definitely know each other well as they are both among the famous Fatui Harbingers and will be interactive for the players as Fatui’s story continues to unfold.

10) Fishel and Bennett – (Fishnet)

Mondstadt duo Fischl and Bennett are a sweet pair. Both characters work for the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstadt, so they constantly spend their time trying to explore.

Bennet is a steadfast and determined adventurer, though he is cursed with bad luck that follows him wherever he goes. Fischl is very dramatic, hardworking and brave, which has earned her a good reputation.

While many people shy away from Bennett for fear of suffering bad luck, Fischl has the courage to face it and rise to the challenge. Both characters are hard-working, kind individuals who get along well. Canonically, the two are best friends, but due to their similar values ​​and the ways they support each other, they can make a great couple beyond that.

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