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DC Comics has some heroes and villains. However, there are also monsters on top of the gods. with Black Adam In the year Hitting theaters in 2022 for DC’s Extended Universe, Tate-Adam was a terrifying anti-hero, a man who would kill countless people just by sight. However, in the comics, some people are even scarier.

Black Adam kills recklessly, but he is a righteous man who only kills those who harm him and the people he is supposed to protect. On the other hand, there are characters in DC Comics who hurt anyone, often sad for no reason. Add a scary look and some characters scare people in comics and horrify readers if they appear in real life.

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Professor Pig

Professor Pig is terrifying, and not just because he wears a face that resembles a large pig. While he looks like a goofy old-school Batman villain from the pre-Frank Miller days, Pyg is noxious. He is absolutely evil.

Professor Pig is a sadistic killer, one of Batman’s most formidable foes. While some readers see Zsasz as the scariest Batman serial killer, Professor Pig is ahead of the curve when it comes to the most tragic title. Aside from his gruesome appearance, he is known to mutilate his victims as he goes to kill them, a hideous human being.


Darkseid is a terrifying alien with a level of power beyond other humans. It took the full force of the most powerful godly heroes just to send him to the planet. Even the Justice League can’t beat him, and when they do, they have to crack their code as Batman uses a gun to take him out at one point.

Darkseid is terrifying because he is victorious and one of the most powerful in the DC Universe. He is a huge monster that climbs over everyone, and shows no fear. Even the strongest of heroes would not seem powerful when looking down at this creature. The more frightening goal is the equality of anti-life, which allows him to control all human beings and put them in his service.


The Joker is one of Batman’s oldest villains, and he’s often referred to as Batman’s yang yin. It has often been said that the Joker cannot exist without Batman and that the Caped Crusader needs the Joker. While Batman is a dark hero, Joker is a tragic killer.

What makes Joker so terrifying is that he has no rhyme or reason to his actions. He kills all the kids just because it’s funny. From paralyzing Barbara Gordon with a bullet to killing Sarah Essex after she threw a baby at her, the Joker may be the scariest villain Batman has ever faced. Also, everyone is afraid of evil dolls.


Batman sets out to stop some of the scariest villains in DC Comics. When it comes to sadistic assassins, Batman has the worst in the rogues gallery. However, to fight scary villains, Batman must be equally scary.

The movie Batman He showed what he would do to keep Gotham City safe. Superman is a beacon of light in DC Comics. However, Batman chooses to rule by fear. It even strikes fear into law-abiding citizens with its ominous presence, just to keep them upright on the narrows.


While Sandman may be related to Constantine, he may not be directly related to DC characters. The Sandman creates dreams and illusions and the Corinthians were one of his fantasy creations that escaped when the Sandman was captured.

Corinth has been an unconscious serial killer for years and is the last person anyone wants to meet on a dark street at night. Therefore, even for people who have no knowledge, when he takes off his glasses, his eyes are replaced by two teeth. It’s a scary sight that will make anyone run if it’s not too late.


There aren’t many things more terrifying than a demon from the depths of hell, who wants to destroy all mankind and rule over everything that lives. That’s what Trigon is, and the irony in DC Comics is that his daughter is Raven of the Teen Titans, so it’s mostly aimed at teenage heroes.

Because of his existence, Trigon enslaved the entire world and killed millions of creatures. He is a giant scary looking creature with unlimited power and is someone no one wants to cross, much less fight. During the few times he made it to Earth, not a single person stopped as he walked around the city.


It is impossible to talk about parallax without mentioning the feeling of fear about the scary DC creatures. This villain is an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. He took on the great Green Lantern Hal Jordan and made him one of DC’s most despicable criminals.

What makes Parallax even scarier than other DC characters is that he brings fear to everything and destroys everything he touches. Just being in the face of this DC villain brings up that person’s deepest fear of darkness, consumes it. Parallax is also a scary looking demon, but no one notices it when it is crushed under their fear.


When it comes to terrifying DC villains, one look at Necron can send anyone running in terror. In DC, one of the scariest crossover events comes from A very dark night History. This was the Black Lantern ring that brought back dead heroes and villains as zombies.

Necron creates rings to turn Superman and Wonder Woman into Black Lantern creatures. He also looks like a skeleton demon from the grave, and while that’s pretty creepy, every hero and villain he picks up also looks like a zombie. Night of the living dead A superhero experience in DC Comics.

Superman (Injustice)

When it comes to Superman, Batman knows he needs to be prepared if something bad happens Injustice: Gods Among Us. In that series, the Joker tricked Superman into killing a pregnant Lois Lane into thinking it was her dying day.

Superman returns and punches a hole through Joker’s core and takes over the world. This version of Superman was brutal, and no one could stop him. In this story, he was a hero, and when the most powerful being in the world took over the planet and killed everyone who crossed him, he was no longer afraid of him. He made every government in the world rule by fear.

Batman who laughs

The Joker is one of the scariest DC characters in existence. Batman is scarier than the Joker and everyone in Gotham City is in a state of fear to keep them in line. It’s logical to think that combining the two would create one of the scariest characters in DC Comics history.

Batman Laughs is from the Dark Multiverse, a world where Batman has ripped off and killed the Joker. However, Bobby’s trap releases the Joker’s poison from his body into Batman, turning him into Batman Man. He has a scary appearance, sharp teeth and a sad mask, and after killing all his allies and setting his sights on Prime Earth, a real horror came to the DC Universe. He was the most terrifying villain Batman had ever faced, a twisted version of himself.

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