10 video game series that broke the canon | Whuff News

As games evolve over time and new series are released, the need for change naturally arises. To prevent a franchise from becoming stagnant in an ever-evolving market, a new title must play with the original formula, mechanics, and, of course, story.

In some cases, the changes are not limited to parts of the old game, but can completely replace them. In order to facilitate a new concept, the game developers may be forced to scrap some old ideas, and this may include the original game story.

In some cases, such changes in canon may also extend to games that engage in other forms of media, such as movies and books.

It’s not hard to imagine that such drastic canon changes wouldn’t go over well with fans of a certain franchise. Although sometimes such changes may be necessary, they still come down as a disappointing betrayal of their source material. Here are some video game series that haven’t been true to their premise.

The World of Warcraft universe is known for constantly tweaking the smallest details. Some retcons can have a major impact on the game’s story and characters, such as Agwin’s complete personality change. However, even such changes seem minor compared to what Blizzard has done to incorporate the canon of the original Warcraft series into their MMORPG series.

The story of Warcraft III ends with Thrall banished from the Horde for their association with demons and their crimes during the war. Given what Gul’dan did in the game and the orcs being ruled by demon slaves, this decision seemed like a logical conclusion to the story.

However, in World of Warcraft, warlocks somehow return to the horde with no mention of being banished.

This is obviously because the game includes the Warlock class in the roster and not allowing one side to use it makes WoW more fun to play. Still, this change to the legend greatly affects Thrall’s actions in Warcraft III and creates a confusing gap in the story.

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