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LA is resurrecting your loved one Halloween traditions this year the whole city will be full of crows, ghouls, and the spirit of the weather. Fill your month with fun horrors and classic creeps with our list of horrors across town. From dark adventures to family-friendly events, here’s all the fun stuff to fill your calendar!

Walk into Haunt O’ Ween’s 150,000 square foot Halloween wonderland. Although the 2020 drive-thru almost saved the season, this year’s walk-thru experience is set to be better, r and better with several key zones and interactive experiences added to the trip. Hollywood is about your favorite traditions, expect special treats and tons of tricks for all ages. Get your tickets here.

house of spirits

Step into LA’s hair-raising House of Spirits for an evening of mystery, entertainment and special entertainment at the historic Casa Vertigo. Walk around the decorated area and mingle with the residents to reveal the haunted story of the house. This charming, interactive affair weaves live performances, mystery and legend into a stunning yet haunting evening. Get your invitation here.

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There is nothing to shout about Halloween like a foggy sky and bright city lights and your favorite religious festival lighting up an empty space. Make your way to one of these pop-up theaters for a fun event with live music, movies, food and more. Just make sure you grab the front seats; you never know what lurks behind you in the dead of night.

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Every year, Halloween artists pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating a worldly experience in their front yard. While there may be a few tweaks and less interactive puzzles, there’s still great horror going on. Add these fun things to your list of Halloween activities. Find our area guide here.

Universal Studios The Week
Credits: Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) has officially crept into our plans, and it looks like Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye wants in on some of that action. The artist will make sure all of our fears come true—to the point where Angelenos may be begging to “Escape LA.” Find out more here.

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Dear Descanso Garden carving The trail returns for three weeks starting October 7. Visitors will stroll in the evening under the stars through hundreds of bright, beautiful hand-carved pumpkins and other sculptures. large ones made from natural materials such as wood. Find out more here.

A pumpkin house in a pumpkin patch

If you need a break from all the bright sights and scares, you can go to the shrine of one of these nearby. Pumpkin skin. Choose yourself a perfect snow carve for the season, pet animals, ride around on tractors and more. Find the full list here.

cheap hotel cecil
Credit: Jim Winstead / Flickr

Walk through the city to see the true breath and stomach that haunts LA You will visit the Biltmore Hotel which is the last place where the Black Dahlia was seen, the Cecil Hotel has a dark history of murders, suicides and murders (including the Night Stalker) along with other symbols and dark stories. Get your tickets here.

Obscure speakeasy
Credit: The Lego

Find the door lit by a green light on Santa Fe Avenue in DTLA and you’ll be welcomed to The Obscure. If you have an invitation. This two-party event combines creative cocktails, craft and craft spirits with a magical atmosphere that transports you to Hogwarts. Find out how to get in here.

tim burton bar
Credit: Beetle House LA

It’s Halloween every day for Willy Wonka, Jack Skellington, Joker, Beetlejuice and other Tim Burton specials. But the festive season is the most popular time to put on your favorite suit and indulge in an “Edward Burger Hands” while drinking concoctions like “Jameson and The Giant Peach” like sword sword, fire engine, think and think to bring. the magic right to your table. Find out more here.

Looking for more awesome adventures? Find out more Halloween events here.

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