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Events are a constant element of Free Fire MAX, and the Indian service usually has one of these happening at any time. These are great resources to get free and exciting rewards by buying a certain number of diamonds before the event goes live.

While all of the above factors contribute to increasing the cost of in-app purchases, some of them are more effective than others because they yielding better rewards overall while the sales volume is not as high.

The highest content was displayed on the Free Fire MAX India server

5) Dragon Bite Top-Up

Dragon Bite Top-Up event (Image from Garena)
Dragon Bite Top-Up event (Image from Garena)

Dragon Bite is one of the recent events on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. It was added on October 13, 2022, and featured three rewards, including the Dragon Bite Loot Box, Dragon Bite Backpack, and Gloo Wall – Dragon Bite.

Users can use all three when purchasing 500 diamonds until October 17, 2022, offering unbeatable value. The dragon-themed items come with a red and yellow theme, offering a completely stylish design.

4) J. Biebs Top-Up


Free Fire x Justin Bieber is the game’s flagship collaboration for its fifth anniversary. Many cosmetics and events made it to the MAX version, and J.Biebs Top-Up is one of them.

Players must purchase 100 diamonds to get the Acoustic Serenade, while the Biebs Mural Gloo Wall can be obtained by purchasing 500 diamonds. The event was available until the on September 4, 2022, and many players received the offer.

The Gloo Wall skin with the image of J.Biebs attracted the most players overall, but the skin in the shape of a guitar is not far behind. behind.

3) BTS Top-Up

Winner Throw emote the grand prize of the event (Image via Garena)
Winner Throw emote the grand prize of the event (Image via Garena)

Free Fire MAX announced its partnership with BTS earlier this year, with ad campaigns available on the Indian server in March and April. The developers added a special feature in the background, which featured the Winner Throw emote and the Motor Bike – Soldier Night.

All players have to do is buy 300 diamonds on April 1, 2022, to get exclusive items together. Cosmetics are part of the rare crossover after the event; therefore, it reflects a great offer.

2) Assassin’s Creed Top-Up and 2

Requirements of the first special head (Image via Garena)
Requirements of the first special head (Image via Garena)

Free Fire has a lot to do this year, with one of the partnerships being Assassin’s Creed. Two plugins were installed on the Indian server. The first offered Hunter’s Blade and Creed Slay emotes with the purchase of 200 and 500 diamonds respectively.

After the conclusion of the first one above, Garena released another update on the Free Fire MAX India server. The Red Aquila Backpack and the Leap of Fail emote were offered with a purchase of 500 diamonds. The event presented two special Assassin’s Creed models with rewards that have not been revealed yet.

1) 100% Top-Up Bonus


100% Bonus Top-up event on Free Fire MAX is undoubtedly the best incentive that everyone can get to get diamonds at a reasonable price. The fact is that you get two diamonds, which reduces the cost of money in the game by half.

The event was available several times, including in May and August, and recently in October 2022 (24-28). Bonus diamonds are limited to 1000; So, players can buy a pack worth INR 800 to get 2060 diamonds (including bonus).

Note: The choice is something that is more up to the individual, and what seems to be the best choice to one person may not be the same for another. This list reflects the opinion of the author.

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