A major Skyfall twist completely upends the James Bond canon. | Whuff News

He has no time to die It made waves when Lashana Lynch was cast as a female 007, mainly because some people couldn’t understand that the title was just a transferable code name. And if Connery returns as the old Bond, Skyfall The take would confirm a fan theory that has been doing the rounds for years. Namely, that James Bond is also a transferred name. Apparently, the previous draft didn’t directly reference Connery’s character as Bond or as Agent 00, but he’s clearly the OG. Even recently He has no time to dieThe theory of multiple James Bonds reared its head. Namely, the film ends with the classic ‘James Bond Returns’ scene, which is highly unlikely given the way the film ended.

Although most of the Bond films play out in continuity, there is strong evidence that Connery’s Bond is the same person from Lazenby, Moore and all the way down to Craig. Roger Moore The spy who loved me (1977) refers to his late wife, Tracy, who was murdered On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), back to Lazenby wearing a tux. And that movie itself featured Honey Rider’s knife and musical score. Dr. No (1962) At a fan meeting in the ’90s, producer Michael G. Wilson referred to the Bond films as “a series of sequels” rather than one big outing, giving the Brosnan era some leeway to start something new. Even then, the wronged Die another day (2002) had a treasure trove of old gadgets, including a jetpack. Thunderball (1965)

On a more obvious level, Golden eye (1995) gave Judi Dench M’s leading role in what we assumed would be Bernard Lee’s version of Bond’s boss. The world is not enough. (1999) introduced John Cleese as R, who took up the mantle of Q when Desmond Llewellyn’s version retired. Recently, a post-Skyfall Following the death of Dench’s character, Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) steps up as the “new” Em. At least those people around Bond have transferable titles. As for the “multiple Bond” theory, if we’re to believe that Craig James is the latest in a long line, that means Christoph Waltz’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld will be the successor to the classic Bond films—which isn’t as simple as giving someone a title like M or Q. .

If you still think that James Bond is just a name given to female agents, remember that Skyfall A tombstone with the name Bond is included on them. Tinfoil theorists say these were fake, but come on, stop reaching for that. In any case, Connery never appeared. Skyfall And other ex-Bonds like Roger Moore weren’t. Whether he’s playing Kincaid or a cheeky nod to the fact that he was the first Bond, Mendes is right, having the gruff Scotsman wielding a gun would have been interesting. SkyfallAn action-packed finale. There are those who didn’t like the bombshell ending at Skyfall Lodge, and by stealing the scene, Connery could ruin what could be Craig’s best Bond moment.

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