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“We have also been positive for a long time and we will maintain that stance,” he said Sudip BandyopadhyayGroup Chairman,

What are your views on earnings growth so far and what are the expectations in individual sectors? Are we likely to see a slowdown?
I think we need to go by sector; IT companies have generally done well. They have beaten expectations. Leaving aside things like

, see HCL Tech results; after so long they have surprised the market in a positive way. a bit disappointing but again came up with a very good set of numbers. numbers are pretty good too.

In IT, there are many concerns but the results are great and the reviews also continue to remain positive.

Another sector we believe in and are waiting for the numbers to start flowing in is BFSI. We see

the result is quite good. We will see the numbers coming from the other big companies there and we believe it will be one of the best quarters for BFSI in recent memory. Asset quality has definitely improved significantly and that will show. Loan growth has been strong and will once again reflect the volume. Also, we will see CASA growth and that will help in overall margin improvement. So yes, we are very positive on BFSI.

The cement numbers will be a little weak as it is the monsoon quarter and it is on the expected line. FMCG, will probably be a mixed bag. In some cases, we will see some pressure on volumes but margin improvement will probably be seen in almost all cases as cost pressures to some extent have been handled well. Either the cost component has been reduced or the appropriate price increase or reduction as per tax in any case, has been taken up by the FMCG companies.

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So FMCG will probably do so-so, nothing great but not too bad. We are a bit worried about cement as we have seen results of reduced demand due to monsoon while cost pressure is low. As far as metals are concerned, we will be careful. There will be some positives and some negatives and overall with the global economy slowing, I think we need to approach this sector with caution.

Are you tracking Adani Group shares as they are all under pressure as we speak? Adani Wilmar fell 5% after the company reported its Q2 update and yesterday itself the stock reacted to it. Even Adani’s power, gas and other names are under pressure?
I keep track and I maintain my view. We have been positive for some time on Adani Ports as well as Adani Wilmar and we will maintain that stance. The way Adani Group companies have gone up, I think the least upward movement we’ve seen and in terms of valuation as well Adani Port is probably the best position for investors to start buying.

It’s a long-term story. They have a great business, they have strategically acquired ports on the east coast as well and that puts them in an enviable position for the future as far as India’s imports and exports are concerned.

That’s a company I’m definitely willing to bet on and advise investors to buy even at current levels. Adani Wilmar is once again an efficiently run company. It has been going well. The brand is quite strong and over a period of time, they will become a true FMCG company with a diverse product portfolio and I am ready to return Adani Wilmar even at the current valuation. These are the two group companies I want to buy right now. As far as other group companies are concerned, there is potential and there is opportunity even though the valuation is a bit uncomfortable for me. I don’t think I would advise investors to buy at this stage.

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