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even if Star Trek: Prodigy Like its Star Wars cousin, it’s technically a kids show. The bad batchIt has more ongoing mysteries than some sci-fi shows for adults. But in the first half of “The Asylum” Good He randomly revealed the answer to a big question. vice versa They chatted with Dan and Kevin Hageman, who not only revealed the retro easter egg, but also hinted at that. Good It will be a completely different series later this season. Degradable in the future.

In Murf Star Trek: Prodigy.Paramount+

Murphy A The next generation Easter egg

The charming blue-purple go-creature (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) has remained a slimy mystery ever since. Good In the year It started in 2021. Murph is indestructible and is met by Kos and Gurages who don’t understand. The audience assumed that Murf was a mysterious alien species, but in “The Asylum”, when they were members of the Death Squad. Protostar Arriving at a Federation relay station, a DNA scan says Murf is a melanoid slime worm.

“We define what Murf is,” says Dan Hageman. vice versa. “I got that. It was very hard to come up with that. It was a very deep cut. It was from The next generationAnd someone called Wesley Crusher a ‘Mellanoid slime worm’.

The time came from 1988. It’s chapter 1. The next generation The episode “Coming of Age” is fittingly about that episode as Wesley Crusher takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exams, which are the same as the kids. Good They want to join Starfleet. Welsey glared at a man named Rondon, who said, “You despicable melanoid slime!” He threw the insult. Why Rondon (or anyone else) would consider this an insult is now somewhat confusing. Murf is not only attractive, but is easily one of the strongest and strongest aliens in all of the Trek canon!

of USS Protostar in the Good Mid season first.CBS/Paramount

Good It’s getting closer to established Trek canon.

Because of the adventures of the crew Protostar It started in the far delta quadrant Good The young runaway of the series is slowly being introduced to the various popular Star Trek universes. In the “asylum”, the workers take a step feel like In order to keep them close to the Federation, he fails with a surprise program that destroys a Starfleet relay station at the core of their ship.

However, Hageman confirmed that this season’s journey will continue to take the young crew into all sorts of typical Star Trek situations. Kevin Hageman is also looking for fans who may be sleeping Good To understand where the show is headed.

“From the beginning, people watched our pilot episode and said, ‘Oh, this doesn’t look like Star Trek. It looks like Star Wars.’ But we were just getting started. outside Star Trek,” says Hageman. “As you can see every episode, we’re getting closer to the Federation site, and it’s starting to feel like a lot of travel. The first 20 episodes of Season 1 will be a complete story.

The misadventures of Dal, Gwyn, Murf, Pog, Rok-Tahk Zero, and Murf aren’t traditional Starfleet missions, mostly because the kids are on the run and trying to figure things out as they go. Their ship is technically stolen, making them more like Star Wars space pirates than Federation explorers. The Hagemans see no problem with this and argue that it is possible to reconcile Star Trek and Star Wars into the same universe.

“Star Wars could exist in the Star Trek canon,” Dan Hageman said with a laugh. “I mean somewhere. Way outthat galaxy can he said”

Star Trek: Prodigy Streams on Paramount+. New episodes will be released on Thursdays.

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