After Black Adam, is Zack Snyder’s Justice League truly canon? | Whuff News

There may be a way to bring the Snyderverse back into the DCEU and Black Adam could be the start of it.

Black Adam was originally supposed to usher in a new era for the DCEU, a different direction than Zack Snyder set in Justice League, the extended director’s cut. That’s how the film was promoted, Dwayne Johnson talked about it and Warner Bros.’s official position was angered by many Snyder fans. But a closer look at Black Adam reveals that the new DCEU chapter may be very similar to the Snyderverse.

To understand the details, the difference between the Justice League shown in theaters and the DCEU’s official canon, and Zack Snyder’s 4-hour cut, must be explained. While Botha focuses on the planet Apokolips and its inhabitants, Cynthia’s Justice League only features Darkseid, the dictator of Apokolips and one of the most powerful supervillains in the DC Universe. Snyder’s cutscene also suggests that Darkseid has a plan to take over Earth, and it will begin soon.

The Black Adam moment felt ripped straight from the iconic X-Men scene

This is where Black Adam comes in. The film takes place in the fictional country of Kahndaq, where the people live under the oppression of the Intergang, an organized crime syndicate run by Darkseid’s pals, who are eager to weaken the Earth and itself. Superheroes. Although it was never mentioned in Black Adam where the Intergang got their equipment and supplies, one simple look at these would tell you that the technology came from outer space. In comic canon knowledge, Intergang is almost connected to Apokolips.

So how does all of this lead to Snyder’s directorial cut for Black Adam canon? Remembering that the Justice League theatrical cut only mentions Darkseid and Snyder’s version of him preparing to launch an invasion of Earth, one would think that this is a good move for Darkseid just to see how he would treat the criminal gangs on Earth. The superheroes on Earth act before the invasion and we hope. This is what we see in Black Adam – armed criminal gangs from extraterrestrials.

After the debacle of Black Adam, Snyder has to come back to save the DCEU.

While this theory seems a little forced, it could be a way for the legendary director to let Zack Snyder execute his vision without canceling Black Adam when he returns to the DCEU.

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