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Editor’s Note: The below contains minor spoilers for Andor.Andor It sets itself apart from the rest of Star Wars. Projects on Disney+ so far have been deliberately lacking in fan service and ties to the Skywalker saga. No terrible CGI. Mark Hamill Or Hayden Christensensuch as Tony Giro It gave us a more grounded view of a galaxy far, far away that didn’t need to appeal to light or energy. It is one of the lack of cameos and obvious references AndorBest features. By telling a unique and original story, the Star Wars The universe feels wider.

But that is not the case. Andor It exists in a vacuum. The series surprisingly dropped some references to some great projects from the non-canon “Legends” universe, including Heir to the kingdom, Knights of the Old Republic, Fate of the Jedi, And A splinter of the mind’s eye. Although these stories are no longer part of the authority Star Wars timeline, are still worth checking out and attract loyal fans. AndorReintroducing drafts of some characters from Legends is a great way to reward fans of the older material.

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One of the main characters in the first season Andor It’s Lida (Bronte CarmichaelMon Mottma’s teenage daughter (Genevieve O’Reilly). Although she is rich, privileged, and afraid of her father, Perrin (her father).Alastair Mackenzie), Laida begins to suspect that her mother is hiding some secrets. Although Leda’s storyline is original, her character comes from the previous Legends universe.

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Who is Leida in ‘Andor’?

Lydia’s childhood was dominated by being the daughter of two senators. Although she came from Chandrila like her parents, Lyda didn’t have that much time on her home world. Both her parents played important roles in the Imperial Senate, so the family had to stay in an apartment on Coruscant. While Mothma is actively pursuing peaceful solutions to Imperial expansion, Perrin seems to enjoy being close to those in Emperor Palpatine.Ian MacDiarmid) inner circle.

The discord in Motma and Perrin’s marriage is probably one of the reasons why Lyda finds it difficult to express herself. She has been supportive of each other in her parents’ chess activities; Taking her to school becomes the subject of debate. Obviously, there could be some problems with Motma and Perrin’s arranged marriage. It’s clear that any interest from their first pairing has long since dissipated.

Although Lida seems supportive of her father and even critical of her mother’s philanthropic activities, her worldview is at least understandable given her upbringing. When Laida enters Thai Colma (Ben Miles) Her mother says that it has been years since she went to her home world. Raised only on Coruscant and exposed to Imperial propaganda, Lydia has never seen what democracy looks like in her entire life. She is a unique counterpart to Leia, who had the luxury of growing up with her adoptive father, Bay Organa.Jimmy Smits) on Alderaan.

Who is Leida in the Legends Canon?

even if Star Wars Multimedia was dormant for most of the 1980s, the franchise was relaunched in 1991 with the release of two major projects set after the events of 1991. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Timothy ZanA novel Heir to the kingdom The Dark Horse comic series explores the rise of the ruthless Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn and his attempts to thwart the New Republic. Dark Empire Luke Skywalker follows a clone of Emperor Palpatine who tries to turn him to the dark side. In both of these storylines, Mon Mottma plays an important role as one of the leaders of the New Republic Council.

Details about Mothma’s family life are few, but the 1993 West End games Dark Empire Sourcebook She said she had a daughter, Lyda, born before the Battle of Yavin. Lida had a tragic childhood. Motma and her family were forced to flee their peaceful country after her role in the rebel alliance was revealed, and her job as a resistance leader prevented her from spending as much time with her daughter as she wanted. Lyda’s older brother Jobin was a soldier in the Rebel Alliance but was killed during the Battle of Hoth.

Lydia’s role in the myth is often used to explore the effects of her mother’s years of service on her. Mottma dedicated her life to public service, and remained an important leader in the new republic until her death. mentioned in The new character guide And The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Lyda stayed by her mother’s side on Coruscant as they worked to make peace with the remnants of the Empire.

Although there aren’t many Leyda Mothma stories, it should be interesting to see her role in the rest. AndorFirst season and beyond.

Andor It launches new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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