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Apple’s vice president of industrial design, Evans Hankey, will move on from the company in 2023.

Apple has been quite busy over the past few months. The firm releases all new iPhones, Apple Watches, and even new AirPods. It recently announced new iPads, iPad Pros, and even an updated Apple TV 4K. While we’re still waiting for a refreshed MacBook, for the most part, Apple has refreshed its entire lineup. Now, the people responsible for the design of most of these products seem to be calling it quits.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, Evans Hankey, is leaving the company. Hankey’s history is somewhat mysterious, but he studied industrial and product design at Stanford University, and at one point, started working for Apple. He managed the design team under Jony Ive, before taking on his current role as head of hardware design. Hankey replaced Jony Ive after his departure in 2019.

Hankey reportedly told colleagues that he would remain at Apple for the next six months. Apple currently has no replacement in mind. An Apple spokesperson said this:

“Apple’s design team brings together expert creatives from around the world and across many disciplines to envision products that are unmistakably Apple. The senior design team has strong leaders with decades of experience. Evans plans to continue our efforts through the transition, and we want to thank him for his leadership and contributions.”

It’s hard to say how much of an impact these changes will have, but for the most part, Apple’s design has remained unchanged over the past few years. Perhaps the biggest change in design we’ve seen so far is the firm’s MacBook Pro and Apple Watch Ultra. While new laptops are expected to arrive in the coming months, the company’s next big product launch will use its mixed reality headset, which is slated to arrive in 2023.

Source: Bloomberg

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