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ASUS Laptops 2022: Modern laptops tend to be very powerful. This is the case for all segments as we can do more with our laptops than we did about a decade ago. Some people might see this as a bad thing implying that performance has peaked and we can’t get any improvement year on year.

Asus has been able to improve the performance of its Zenbook and Vivobook thin and light laptops. This is thanks to the 12th Generation Intel H-Series CPU, with a thermal design power (TDP) specification of up to 45 watts. The company said with this, even some affordable laptops like Vivobook 14X/15X OLED (X1403/1503) offers better performance than the previous model.

According to Asus, the latest laptop offers a performance increase of up to 2.5X compared to the previous generation model. With this, laptop users can expect increased productivity, creativity, gaming and entertainment, in a laptop that is no bigger than its predecessor.

“The innovations that ASUS engineers have implemented in our latest laptops, working with our partners from Intel, have allowed us to deliver this incredible product for 2022. Their work in cooling technology and chassis craftsmanship is a very important but challenging task. Sometimes those improvements are invisible to customers, but they help us deliver amazing performance while keeping our laptops compact and lightweight, which is what customers expect from their next laptops,” said Jeff Lo, General Manager ASUS East EMEA.

Consumer preference for thin and light laptops is increasing year by year, and solving the problem of how to increase performance levels without increasing size is a huge engineering challenge. The ASUS 2022 consumer laptop portfolio uses innovative solutions to achieve this goal, including ultra-efficient and silent cooling systems such as ASUS IceCool, AAS Ultra and 3D vapor chamber; AI-enhanced software; and precision craftsmanship. Additionally, the great power efficiency of the 12th Generation Intel Core processor means users can enjoy all of these performance benefits while enjoying longer battery life comparable to existing models.

Performance is everything

The latest 12th Generation Intel Core processors deliver more performance with better power savings than ever before, thanks to their hybrid design with a combination of high-performance cores and power-efficient cores. These cores intelligently share computing tasks to improve gaming, streaming and multitasking performance, and their power efficiency makes them ideal for delivering high performance in the thin and light form factor that consumers increasingly love.

A powerful laptop offers long-term benefits to users as well. The typical lifespan of a consumer laptop can be up to seven years, and as operating systems and software evolve to become more demanding, consumers need laptops with plenty of power in reserve. With a TDP of up to 45 W — up to 3X more than older generation laptop CPUs — H-Series CPUs offer plenty of future-proof horsepower.

Keep it cool

To achieve maximum CPU performance in a thin and light laptop, the CPU is always cool, and this is where the thin design can fail to deliver. The latest ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook laptops feature improved cooling technology, including the new ASUS IceBlade fan design, dual heat pipes, improved multi-vent airflow control, and — in the Zenbook Pro 16X OLED and Zenbook Duo 14X OLED models — a 3D vapor chamber and the innovative Active Aerodynamic System Ultra (AAS Ultra) mechanism.

The 3D vapor chamber is an ASUS innovation that curves the vapor chamber to achieve a better fit with the motherboard components than the standard flat vapor chamber. AAS Ultra raises the rear of either the keyboard or the second touchscreen to increase airflow out of the chassis by up to 30%.

Thanks to this cooling innovation, ASUS engineers can fit top-of-the-line components such as Intel Core i9 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU into ultra-thin laptops without worrying about heat dissipation.

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