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In the early years of our company, we built our reputation on the quality and reliability of our motherboards. As the world’s number one motherboard manufacturer, our products appear in devices around the world. From commercial PCs to gaming consoles, from creative workstations to gaming PCs, our motherboards provide a solid foundation for computers around the world.

Yet motherboards are only one segment of our product portfolio. For our partners in enterprises such as system integrators, data center operators, cloud computing providers and AI experts, we deliver a complete set of solutions from device to cloud.

An end-user device you can count on

As a top three consumer laptop vendor, we ship laptops and desktops for every consumer. The legendary quality and performance of our ROG equipment has made us the world’s number one gaming brand, and people around the world turn to our trusted Zenbook, Vivobook, Studiobook and TUF Gaming family of consumer laptops for their personal PCs. And that’s not even including our ZenFone and ROG smartphones, Chromebooks, all-in-one desktop PCs and mini PCs.

A person running a business uses an ExpertBook laptop in a car

Our portfolio also includes notebooks focused on the needs of our enterprise partners. Our business-ready ASUS ExpertBook laptops are ready to give workers on the go the performance and features they need in a highly portable design. Our award-winning line of enterprise-focused laptops delivers the right combination of portability, performance and reliability for your business. ExpertBooks’ ultra-lightweight chassis and all-day battery life make them ideal for business travel, remote work and the mobile workforce. Whether you need a versatile convertible, an ultra-thin and light notebook, or a smart and sturdy all-in-one solution, there’s a Book Expert in the form factor you need.

Finally, we offer a wide range of mini-PCs designed for commercial applications. Our lineup includes high-performance options with the latest Intel CPUs, and we also offer power-sucking options that use mobile CPUs and Intel Atom for power-efficient applications. We also offer fanless Chrome OS mini PCs suitable for digital signage applications. To make this PC easy to use, we offer multiple locking mechanisms to prevent theft, configurable port options and an easy-to-replace dust filter from the front.

A reliable, secure and manageable motherboard solution

As the world’s largest and best-known motherboard brand, ASUS is uniquely positioned to provide the world-class after-sales service and guaranteed long-term availability that your enterprise or organization needs. ASUS commercial motherboards optimize the efficiency of your IT operations, provide robust security and management tools, and deliver the hardware features you need at an optimized total cost of ownership.

IT workers use the ASUS Control Center Express tool

Our decades of experience manufacturing motherboards for a variety of consumers and enterprises make ASUS the top choice for your motherboard needs. Beyond the trusted reliability of our products, two main factors set ASUS commercial motherboards apart from the crowd. First, the ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) commercial program ensures that you have a stable supply of motherboards with extensive product support and multiple packaging options. Second, the ASUS Control Center Express (ACCE) software suite provides a centralized IT management solution for enterprises, data centers and small and medium businesses in any industry.

Server products for any application

We also offer a full range of server products. Whether your organization needs a mainstream workstation with ISV certification for AI and deep learning applications, a scalable rack server solution or an open platform server designed for today’s hyperscale data centers, we have the solution you need. We offer a versatile, resilient and scalable selection of rack units designed for diverse workloads in data center environments of all sizes—and we deliver tools that improve IT management, efficiency and system integration. Our dedicated in-house design team has the resources to respond quickly to customization requests so we can meet your exact needs.

ASUS server product line

Our green computing performance and technology sets our server product line apart from the competition. The ASUS Performance Tuning Team, built in 2017, works tirelessly to save our customers money with innovative performance tuning technology. Our 1,073 number one entries in the SPEC CPU benchmark—and counting—attest to their continued success.

At the same time, we strive to reduce the total cost of ownership of our servers through our focus on power efficiency. ASUS Power Balancer can save up to 31W of power per server node through dynamic monitoring, automatic frequency adjustment and improved power efficiency. Options with increased temperature sensors and dynamic fan curve adjustment can reduce power consumption, while Performance Boost technology maximizes processor frequency in multi-core operations and provides automatic power acceleration with an innovative voltage design.

You’re looking for a stable supply and a long product life cycle for your server solutions, and we’re ready to deliver. The majority of our SKUs offer a 3 to 5 year life cycle, and we can offer SKUs with a 5 to 7 year life cycle for certain chipsets. Our after sales service is second to none. In addition to a dedicated FAE engineer to deal with your queries and a dedicated account manager, we can offer three years advance notice of replacement on all server systems, whether barebones or full systems.

Advanced IoT products

Our AIOT business group delivers industrial motherboards, single board computers, fanless systems and AI accelerator modules to our partners who need computational solutions. We provide the building blocks of computer models and AI in ready-to-use subsystems, and we also offer models that can facilitate system integrators or OEMs because they provide a complete system solution.

An example is Azure Percept DK and Audio, a development kit developed jointly with Microsoft and Intel. The purpose of this AI development kit is to enable engineers without much AI expertise to put together an AI Proof-of-Concept to assess the viability of AI-related projects. The development kit includes compute hardware from ASUS, an AI accelerator ASIC from Intel to process images from the camera and Microsoft Azure Percept Studio. Once the system is provisioned and connected to the Azure cloud, engineers can quickly select an AI model from a model library and push it to a development kit to demonstrate a specific use case. I/O control and model refinement can be quickly enhanced and trained using the Azure IoT Edge development platform and Azure Percept Studio. Once the POC is validated, engineers can scale the POC by choosing the right hardware and AI model for final application development and deployment.

ASUS IoT also offers complete fanless systems that are typically used as Edge controllers, gateways or Edge AI systems. Supported CPUs include x86 desktop CPUs, mobile CPUs, ATOM and ARM processors for different applications. With a fanless design and wide voltage and temperature support, the system is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, their expansion slots can support AI accelerator cards. This is a system-level solution with UL and RF certification, so system integrators or OEMs can easily integrate this system-level solution without having to go through additional system verification and certification in some use cases.

ASUS is the ideal partner for your enterprise product needs

Our broad product portfolio puts us in a unique position to offer a complete solution from device to cloud. But that’s not the only factor that makes ASUS your first choice for commercial products. First, the strength of our supply chain and our access to the latest technology allow us to quickly deliver solutions to market. For proof, look no further than our resilience in the face of recent global supply chain challenges.

ASUS' auto extreme manufacturing process is in action

Second, our history as the world’s number one motherboard supplier demonstrates our industry-leading commitment to quality assurance. Our rigorous design and development process ensures world-leading compatibility and reliability.

Third, we offer extensive customization services for our product line. For IoT products targeted for industrial and embedded applications, in particular, product customization or system-level configuration is often required and we have built our process to be efficient and hassle-free for our partners.

Finally, our local business presence ensures you can always find someone to answer your questions. We have local business, product and FAE development teams ready to work with commercial partners on project development. With longevity, extended warranties and a global service center, you can also trust us to answer questions promptly and address product concerns.

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