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ASUS introduces the TUF Gaming GT502 dual-chamber computer case

Tempered glass panes, two cooling zones and space for up to 13 fans are ready to highlight high-end gaming hardware.

ASUS today launched the TUF Gaming GT502 computer case, which features two bays, tempered panoramic glass and room for up to 13 fans. PC manufacturers know that cooling shouldn’t be lip service. Today’s high-performance CPUs and graphics cards deliver unprecedented computing power to gamers, creators and users of all kinds, and the incredible cooling that unlocks that potential. The TUF Gaming GT502, with its dual-chamber thermal design, offers an attractive and versatile chassis build made for high-end components.

Two-chamber cooling that can do more
The TUF Gaming GT502 case offers users multiple options for designing the next high-powered build cooling system. When designing and installing a cooling system, the two-chamber design proved to be a huge advantage. The spacious rear compartment offers 90mm of space for cable management – but that’s just the beginning. It also houses the power supply and includes a versatile bracket for mounting up to three storage drives or a 360mm radiator. And all of this is isolated from the main heat-producing components in the main chamber.

Speaking of the main chamber: It’s consistently designed for efficient cooling. Wide ventilation openings suck cooling air from the bottom. The case can dissipate heat through the back and top, and there is enough space to implement individual solutions. In total, the GT502 supports a maximum of 13 fans, allowing users to direct cooling air exactly where they need it. But that’s not the only way users can cool their high-end systems. Top vents in the main chamber support radiators up to 360mm for AIO coolers or custom loops. Even if users use high overclocking settings, the GT502 offers the cooling options that its hardware needs.

Build with Confidence
ASUS designed the TUF Gaming GT502 to make it easy for users to build, inside and out. Support for ATX power supplies and up to ATX motherboards offers multiple options for select parts. The tool-free side panel allows users to roll up their sleeves and start building without the hassle.

Cable management is also easy. The versatile fan mount in the rear compartment features built-in cable clamps and outlets, making it easy to route all the necessary cables, whether they’re for storage, fans or liquid-cooling radiators.

The spacious interior of the GT502 offers space for graphics cards up to 400 mm long (ROG Strix GeForce RTX ® 4090 24GB = 357.6 mm). The included vertical mounting bracket allows users to choose whether they prefer to orient the graphics card horizontally or vertically – all that’s needed is a riser cable to present the card’s case and fan in a vertical orientation.

Today’s high-performance graphics cards often use thick heatsinks to dissipate heat. The GT502 helps align the card perfectly with the included graphics card holder. Its three-part setup structure supports a wide variety of graphics cards, regardless of how they are installed. It can accommodate horizontal graphics cards in the range of 46 to 139mm and vertical graphics cards in the range of 15 to 42mm.

The GT502 offers incredible flexibility out of the box, but many builders want to make their own modifications to personalize it further. With more than 25 removable parts, this case offers modders incredible customization options. If there are areas of the GT502 that users want to customize with their own designs, they can quickly remove them.

Under the open sky
The TUF Gaming Alliance offers users a wide variety of components that have been thoroughly tested for compatibility, stability and durability – and they all look good together thanks to a unified aesthetic. TUF Gaming GT502’s large transparent windows on the left and front reveal a carefully tuned build.

Whether users want to take full advantage of RGB lighting or prefer more subtle accents, the GT502 offers the options they’re looking for. The illuminated TUF Gaming logo on the front supports Aura Sync, making it easy to sync with other devices. Sync via an Aura Sync-compatible motherboard, or switch between preset lighting effects with buttons on the front panel.

Easy connection and maintenance options
The TUF Gaming GT502 case offers convenience that goes beyond the build process. It is also designed for comfortable daily use. Multiple front panel ports make it easy to connect headsets and other devices. The front USB Type-C® port is built for speed: A motherboard with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C header enables incredible transfer speeds.

The GT502 is also easy to transport. It has two woven cotton handles tested to safely carry up to 30kg. Whether users place their newly built PC on their desk, move it to a new location in their home, or take it to a LAN party, they can take their device with them with confidence. The grip is strong enough for almost any type of part that might be installed – however, if the user has installed a large custom liquid cooling system, it may be wise to check the finished rig’s weight on the scale.

The interior of the GT502 is quick and easy to clean. Filters for the top, bottom and right vents prevent dust from components and are easy to remove and clean when needed.

Versatility, performance and style all in one package
The TUF Gaming GT502 gives users the choice they want in their next high-performance PC. With a two-chamber design, it allows for an exceptional cooling system design. Carefully selected components are clearly visible through the full tempered glass panes on the front and left. And with hassle-free cable management options, vertical graphics card mounting, and easy modification options, users can take full advantage of the panorama this window has to offer.

With clean looks, powerful cooling and extensive customization options, the TUF Gaming GT502 is the perfect case for your next high-performance build.

Availability & Pricing
The TUF Gaming GT502 will be available immediately in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a recommended retail price of EUR 189.90 including VAT.

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