Asus is launching its ROG 2022 gaming laptop lineup for the US market | Whuff News

Asus has released more details about its 2022 ROG series laptops in the US, in terms of how much they will cost and how they can be ordered in the country. It looks like most of these devices will be available through multiple vendors, though there will also be one or two store exclusives.

The headline device here is of course the new ROG Zephyrus Duo 16, which Asus is touting as ideal for titles like Dead Light 2 thanks to the second generation ScreenPad Plus. It now articulates its position relative to the laptop’s main display with a new “4D” hinge.

The Ryzen 9 6000-series/RTX 3080 Ti-based PC is, disappointingly enough, the one ROG PC that remains without a price tag or sales channel so far, although it is now expected to be released in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q2022).

The new Strix SCAR 17 – which was upgraded to a Core i9-12900H processor and GPU Duo 16 this year – on the other hand, is confirmed as heading to Microcenter “soon”. It is also available on starting at $1999.99. The new SCAR 15 (or G533) should be seen on Amazon or Newegg from $1799.99.

Strix G15 (G513) will be released “soon” through Costco and Walmart, while the G17 (G713) is an Asus online exclusive, starting at $1249.99

The new Zephyrus G14 and G15, on the other hand, appear to be Best Buys only, starting at $1,619.99, while their M16 counterparts are once again sold exclusively through Asus from $3199.99. The exciting new Flow Z13 (GZ301) seems to have the most widespread availability, via Newegg, Asus US, Amazon, and Office Depot from ~$1849.99.

Finally, the new Flow X13 (or GV301) now has a listing at Best Buy for $1599.99.

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