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New Delhi: Technology company Asus has launched its first foldable laptop called ‘Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED’ in India. Customers can pre-order the laptop until November 9. However, the new product will go on sale from November 10, 2022. The company is offering Rs 5000 cashback on all debit and credit cards of leading Banks. Customers can get the laptop at an effective price of Rs 3,29,290 in pre-booking and can save up to 22%.

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Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED specifications

The laptop features a 17.3” foldable OLED display with 2560 by 1920 resolution, Windows 11 Home, versatile modes such as laptop/desktop, reader, etc., and a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. It weighs 1.5 kg, making it thin and light.

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Laptop Mode (with virtual keyboard)

You can use the virtual on-screen keyboard for instant con-calls.

Desktop mode

This mode allows the laptop to be opened and propped up on your desk with the integrated kickstand and connect the ergosense bluetooth keyboard.

Tablet Mode

You can open the laptop completely and it’s perfect for communicating your big ideas or just relaxing on the web.

Reader Mode

If you want to read an E-book, you can do so by folding it vertically and using it as an e-reader. It uses TVY Rheinland certification for low blue light emission.

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