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Today’s workforce is more nomadic than ever, with more than half of all workers spending more hours outside the office than inside. Most of them work from home. And as you might expect, home workspaces have grown more sophisticated to handle higher workloads. Millions of workers have installed multiple displays on their desktops to create a panoramic workspace that increases efficiency and productivity. But at some point, when our travel corridors reopen, every remote worker ends up taking projects on the road. That’s where ASUS portable monitors come in.

Of course, the freedom and flexibility of remote work means any time employees step out their front door is potentially work time. The daily trip that so many of us take to a coffee shop, library, school cafeteria, or shady park can help to calm the mind and reset us for the next task. But for workers packing away laptops when inspiration strikes, that corner park bench or coffee shop table can quickly turn into a makeshift office.

Woman puts her ASUS mobile monitor into a bag

A refreshing change of scenery can renew any worker’s creativity, and using a laptop can let their ideas fly. But the laptop’s single screen may also be flapping its wings. The need to stretch your legs and soak up the sun doesn’t have to come at the cost of a multi-display setup. What if the messenger bag or backpack that holds the laptop could also accommodate a mobile display? The ASUS ZenScreen Go, Zenscreen Ink and ZenScreen OLED series of mobile monitors are up to the task, providing a range of screen sizes in a lightweight package with a slim profile.

The perfect partner for hybrid work

ASUS portable monitor is a convenient travel companion. From compact 13″ to large 16″ windows, there’s a size for every on-the-go need. Thicknesses range from 5 mm to 11.5 mm, allowing any of them to slide easily into your carry-on bag.

Since this is an ASUS Eye Care monitor that features TÜV Rheinland-certified flicker-free and Low Blue Light technology, it won’t strain your eyes for long periods of time. For a hassle-free connection to your laptop or phone, our lineup includes options compatible with Windows, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and iOS.

Man interacts with his ASUS mobile display touch screen

Employees who embrace the spontaneity of their travels will also appreciate the flexibility of this mobile display. Their images automatically rotate for horizontal or vertical viewing, making it easy to switch between presentations or spreadsheets in landscape mode and documents, books or websites that are best viewed in portrait. Suddenly, any chance meeting with a potential client or investor can become an impromptu sales pitch or funding presentation, without the need for multiple people to chat awkwardly over laptops.

All three portable displays include a stand—a self-contained kickstand for the ZenScreen Ink and ZenScreen Go, and a smart case for the ZenScreen OLED that doubles as a stand when folded. Plus, it has a built-in ¼-inch threaded socket that lets you fix it on a standard tripod. Business travelers will appreciate this feature during extended stays in hotels or corporate condominiums, when the mobile office becomes a temporary landing pad. With the level of versatility and quality in this line of portable displays, almost any remote worker will find a monitor that fits their needs. Let’s look at some of the better stuff.

Multiple displays go wireless

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, as philosophers say. Many profitable partnerships have resulted from chance meetings between like-minded strangers. For those who understand that any conversation has the potential to become a presentation, there is the ZenScreen Go MB16AWP.

Men and women watch the show on mobile monitors

The key word for this 15.6″ portable display is compatibility. Traveling through unknown terrain or uncharted waters with just a laptop can leave you stranded with an incompatible interface. Even worse, every conference attendee has witnessed a presentation crash due to malfunctioning projectors or blank display screens. But a well-equipped traveler can always rise to the occasion. The MB16AWP has built-in USB Type-C and Mini-HDMI ports, and a USB Type-C cable and Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter that included will get your laptop and display connected in no time.

Woman giving a presentation via her smartphone with the MB16AWP

For added flexibility, cut the cable altogether. The MB16AWP’s wireless connectivity allows wires to stay in your carry-on bag. A modest classroom-sized crowd can follow your presentation on a monitor while you work from a laptop, while loners will enjoy a clutter-free workspace and a cable-free advanced wireless display that’s perfect for multitasking. Authors who reference multiple source documents while composing can keep all their windows in view. Creatives who switch between inspirational images while putting together their latest project will have a larger canvas for their digital collages. Don’t worry about wandering too far from the store. The battery life of this portable display allows users to get through three hours or more of work in the wild.

And when it’s time for relaxing videos or music, the MB16AWP allows any room to function as a projection room with the IPS panel’s superb color accuracy and multiple viewing angles. Just activate the kickstand and sit down. An integrated 1 watt stereo speaker will provide the sound. If you’re in a crowded coffee shop or library, you might turn to a built-in smart amplifier that drives a pair of headphones through a standard jack.

Keep in touch

In meetings and classrooms, many people find it easier to pay attention when their pen is moving. Something about doodling in the margins helps quiet the loud parts of the mind and helps us focus. For note takers and note takers, there’s the ASUS ZenScreen Ink MB14AHD.

This portable monitor offers an intuitive 10-point touch function for easy interaction with your PC. Since ZenScreen Ink is about the size of a standard 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper, it also lets you easily edit documents, draw on slides or flip through PDFs throughout a book.

Customers sign digitally with ZenScreen Ink

When your work requires a finer touch, you can pick up a stylus that comes with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The ASUS Pen provides high precision with low latency and fast response, so the handwriting experience feels natural. The battery holds power for up to a year on a single charge, and a built-in magnetic attachment at the top of the monitor keeps the stylus handy. ZenScreen Ink is fully compatible with all your favorite writing software and tools, including Microsoft Windows Ink, Whiteboard and OneNote.

Who else would benefit most from a portable touchscreen monitor? Anyone who appreciates the kinetic fun of generating ideas with a dry erase marker, for starters. Professors teaching via Zoom can share their ZenScreen Ink with the class while writing lecture notes. Committee leaders can record brainstorming sessions via video conference. Beyond classrooms and boardrooms, everyone who collects signatures on the go, from real estate agents to lawyers, can invite their clients to sign on the digital dotted line.

Never sacrifice quality for mobility

Every seasoned traveler knows how important it is to stop for a moment and appreciate the local colors. Professional photographers take this literally, capturing that color to share with the world. For everyone who keeps life bright and vibrant, the ASUS ZenScreen OLED mobile monitor series provides an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel that sizzles with lifelike colors and near-perfect contrast.

Photo editing setup includes laptop and ZenScreen OLED

For vibrant and accurate images, this monitor displays 100% of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color gamut and is factory-calibrated to achieve a ΔE value of less than 2. Since individual pixels are completely turned off, shadows in shots are true shadows and blacks are true -true black, suitable for high dynamic range (HDR) content. The result is exceptional contrast and clear, crisp details, even when the display’s brightness level is lowered.

ZenScreen’s OLED display allows high-level photo editing to be done almost anywhere. Wildlife photographers will be delighted, but so will real estate photographers looking to maximize a property’s appeal with clear images. Lifestyle bloggers, van-life enthusiasts and travel writers can showcase every color of the most exciting adventure. Web store owners can guarantee that every product in their inventory jumps off the screen. Even the humble smartphone camera jockey can take their social media photos to the next level. To help photo editors create a sort of digital darkroom on the go, each ZenScreen OLED comes with a gift box that transforms into a monitor hood.

ZenScreen OLED with optional hood to reduce reflections

Perfect for life on the road, the ZenScreen OLED MQ13AH 13.3” has a profile of just 5 millimeters. And the larger 15.6″ ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH weighs 20% lighter than other 15.6″ non-OLED ZenScreen monitors. Both are protected by ASUS smart covers that allow them to be propped up in multiple positions. Even the protective foam in the packaging turns into a monitor stand. And don’t worry about wasting power as you walk back and forth, or leaving images to burn into the screen. A proximity sensor built into each unit turns the monitor off when you move away, then resumes operation when you get closer.

This versatile all-in-one monitor includes a generous set of three USB Type-C ports, two of which support DisplayPort Alt Mode and one of which has charging capabilities. I/O ports are mounted on each side to make cable management easy and settings flexible.

ASUS mobile monitors open up new possibilities

Remote workers around the world have become accustomed to well-equipped home offices with multiple displays. The natural next step is to bring multi-display functionality with it everywhere. Office managers and executives who would normally upgrade workplace computers and displays should consider equipping their employees with on-the-go technology. This cost-effective move promises to maintain high productivity while flattering workers with new hardware that reflects their changing work conditions. Whether you’re upgrading your employees’ hardware or you’re a small business owner giving yourself some much-needed mobility, ASUS mobile monitors are ready to give you the versatility, features and portability you need. Check out our full lineup today.

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