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Green Bay, WI – The Department of Veteran Services at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay will hold a week-long event for active duty, reserve, Veterans, and spouses and children of veterans beginning Monday. , November 7th. All events are open to the public and members of the public are encouraged to attend.

After the President’s welcome on November 9th a performance of ‘Bent Compass’ will follow, sponsored by Weidner. ‘Bent Compass’ is a 45-minute, no-fuss program based on a media interview with a soldier about his induction into an Army Medical Corps. in Iraq in 2006-2007.

The full week’s events are as follows:

Monday November 7th at 11am

POW/MIA Statistics Table – Leona Cloud Commons, University Union Cafeteria

Lance Corporal Nick Geiger will lead the ceremony to honor and show the sacrifice of those Americans who were prisoners of war and remind the country of those who are still missing in action.

It consists of a table, usually placed to the side, and one chair. The table is set with a white tablecloth, one candle, a letter of faith (choice), a turning glass, and one red rose in a vase, tied with a red ribbon. or yellow. A plate with a slice of lemon and some salt is placed on the table.

There is nothing more touching than witnessing the empty chair sitting on the POW/MIA table with great value for all the expressive qualities of this tradition. Many different stories have been written for the ceremony, but the image is quite consistent. Witnessing the ceremony that accompanies this unforgettable event brings more than just one feeling. Please join us in the sacrament.

Tuesday, November 8th from 9 – 11 am

Veterans Recruitment Training – 1965 Room, Union University, UW-Green Bay Campus

Employment is an important issue for Veterans. Helping Veterans find and find jobs, as well as expanding their community service is a high priority. Veteran Services has partnered with Garske’s Veteran Services and the Office of Veteran Employment Services to provide veterans with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Wednesday, November 9 from 4 to 6 p.m

17th Day of the Year reception – Weidner Center Foyer, UW-Green Bay Campus, with a display of ‘Compass Curve’ starting at 6pm

4-4:45 pm Reception: hors d’oeuvres, open bar and vendors.

4:45-5:45 pm Program: honor/recognize new military students, graduating military students and grant/receive Veteran scholarships.

6 p.mCompass Curve’ a 45-minute program, without interruption, based on real events and media interviews. ‘Bent Compass’ explores the transition of US Army medic, Colin, from recruit to combat duty during a Medical Operation in Iraq in 2006-07.

Please join us in the Weidner Center Foyer, as Chancellor Mike Alexander and Veteran Services Coordinator Nicole Stockman take the opportunity to introduce current students. active duty, reserves, Veterans or spouse or child of a Veteran. The evening ceremony included the UW-Green Bay ROTC Color Guard’s Presentation of Colors, the “National Anthem” and the “Armed Forces Salute” performed by the UW-Green Bay band. UW-Green Bay alumnus and former Naval Officer Lieutenant Commander Matt Vanden Avond will speak and Vets 4 Vets President Jason Lackowski, will emcee the event. Captain John Kornesczuk, Senior Military Science Instructor, who oversees the UW-Green Bay Army ROTC, will hold the POW/MIA ceremony to honor and recognize the sacrifices of those Americans who were prisoners of war and commemorate the the Nation is still missing inside. action. New military students and fall 2022 graduating military students as well as current donors and senior scholarship recipients will be recognized.

Thursday, November 10th from 11am to 1pm

Veterans Village – 227 Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, Veterans Lounge UW-Green Bay Campus

We invite you to join us for a free breakfast to honor the Phoenix who have served our country. Everyone is welcome to stop by for a hot breakfast, cake, coffee and more. The event will also have great resources available to our service members, such as our County Veterans Officer, Accessibility and Health and Wellness providers, along with people who his public works from the area.

Friday, November 11th

Old Style/Prestige Table

All day outside of our Pride Center at the University, Room 153. Visit the Pride Veteran/Pride Center table to hear stories shared by the LGBTQ community who have also served. in the military. Our goal as a university is to support academic and personal growth and offer a safe, supportive and welcoming environment at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.

For additional information, please contact Nicole Stockman, Veterans Services Coordinator at 920-465-2056 or stockman@uwgb.edu.

UW-Green Bay Veteran’s Services is here to help veterans and their families succeed in college and enjoy the benefits of service. Approximately 1300 veterans and dependents of veterans receive educational benefits at UW-Green Bay each year. Of this number, 377 are veterans or current employees and 933 students are the spouse or child of a Veteran. Some of these students are working hard one week, and in the classroom the next. This is just one of the reasons why the transition from military service to the community is so confusing. UW-Green Bay’s Veteran’s Services are here to help.

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