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The DCEU gave Black Adam a canon storyline in Shazam, but Dwayne Johnson’s film completely ignored the previously established origin.


Black Adam It may be where Dwayne Johnson finally kicks off the DC Extended Universe, but the movie completely ignores the character’s canon history. Kahndak’s former slave, Tet-Adam, was granted incredible powers by the Council of Wizards, as was Shazam. The film includes some key connections with 2019 Shazam!Including Return of the Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) by Black Adamtake up . However, the film forgot to include the story of Black Adam presented in the film, creating a major DCEU retcon in the process.

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In the key sequence Shazam! He explains that long before Billy Batson existed, the Wizarding Council had a champion, and that champion was Black Adam. During this episode, Shazam This champion was teasing the events of thousands of years ago when he unleashed demons known as the Seven Deadly Sins on Kahndaq. The film ties Black Adam’s origin to the Seven Deadly Sins by having the anti-hero use them to avenge the murders of his family. It’s a sad backstory. Shazam It features The Rock’s DCEU character, but these events aren’t included in the. Black Adam.

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How Black Adam Will Change Rock’s DCEU Origins

The full story of The Rock’s DCEU origin at Shazam That is. Black Adam It offers some significant changes. Instead of taking out the seven deadly sins on Khandak, Black Adam It suggests that he will use his power alone to exact revenge. The DCEU film includes the legend that the Emperor of Kahndaq uses Sabak’s crown to destroy the city. In fact, Black Adam’s anger caused an electrical explosion, but the Seven Deadly Sins have not yet been mentioned. Black Adam The retcon is further complicated by the absence of demons as part of the sequence in which the Council of Witches imprisons Black Adam.

The unusual Black Adam Ignoring The Rock’s DCEU backstory is the fact that his only film is strongly associated with demonic villains. It might be easy to connect the return of the Seven Deadly Sins as an element to the birth of the first demonic evil Sabac. Black Adam He could even reveal the history books and the wizards got it all wrong when they used the Seven Deadly Sins to fight Emperor Tet-Adam of Khandaq. Instead, the DCEU chose not to even try to do it. Shazam!It works with the story he told for Black Adam’s backstory.

Black Adam’s Shazam! Retcon highlights the problems of the DCEU

Retcons are nothing new to the cinematic universe, however Black AdamS Shazam The retcon highlights some of the DCEU’s problems. It serves as a reminder of how often the vision and leadership for the universe has changed and there is no one in control to maintain its continuity. Black Adam‘s recon even shows how The Rock resisted being initiated into it Shazam And separates his DCEU character from Zachary Levi. The strange thing is that the film had to be given a long development Black Adam Time to fix it Shazam! relationships. Now it’s up to the future of the DCEU to try and make sense of this remake.

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