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Toronto, October 11, 2022 /CNW/ – Energy Conservation Canada (ESC) today released their newly commissioned report by Power Advisory, Energy Conservation: The Key Path to Net Zero Canadaas part of their annual conference, Canadian Energy Conservation: Accelerating Canada’s Energy Transition.

The report emphasizes the important role of energy conservation Canada to reach its 2035 net zero goal by providing the first estimate of installed capacity for energy storage Canadaprovincial analysis, to fully support Canada Existing and future infrastructure. In total, the report estimates the potential for eight to twelve gigawatts of installed energy storage capacity by 2035.

Canada has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving a net zero electricity system by 2035, an achievement that depends on energy conservation,” he said. Justin Rangoon, Managing Director of Energy Storage Canada. “The flexibility of energy storage will be very important to meet the needs of excessive electricity consumption, the increasing volume of which will be produced with renewable and non-emitting devices.”

As acknowledged in the analysis of the report, each province has its own unique energy mix and projected path to 2035, which affects the expected potential of energy storage in each area. For example, in Ontario has been identified as the province with the highest peak potential demand reduction, while in British ColumbiaEnergy storage can provide another way to increase transmission.

However, the most important variable is the total demand of the future and as the forecast of the future demand is adjusted to the future it is possible, we can see the energy storage capacity of more than 12 gigawatts.

It is the variety and flexibility of energy storage sources that make them an important part of a zero-energy grid. Apart from it, Canada will not successfully reach its zero target by 2035.

With nearly 100 members, Energy Storage Canada (ESC) is Canada the only national trade association dedicated solely to the growth and development of the energy storage market as a whole Canada power change through policy advocacy, education, collaboration, and research. ESC is technology-agnostic and non-profit, representing a complete end-to-end energy storage value chain..

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