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The midterm elections will be held on November 8. The election will feature candidates for both state and local positions and a few referendum questions.

In the race for governor, incumbent Tony Evers will run for the Democratic Party, while Tim Michels will be the Republican candidate in the election.

Candidates are ramping up their campaign efforts in Wisconsin and Madison, especially as the election approaches.

Evers visited with supporters near the University of Wisconsin on September 27 and held an early election rally on campus on October 26 with other Democratic candidates running for re-election. Michels and Republican candidate for attorney general Eric Toney toured with the College Republicans on campus Oct. 25.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson is running for the 3rd District US Senate seat. Lt. Gov. Mandela will challenge Barnes Johnson as the Democratic candidate in the election.

For attorney general, Republican candidate Eric Toney will face Democratic incumbent Josh Kaul.

Other important races in this election include lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, representatives in the US House of Representatives, state senators and state representatives from unnumbered districts, municipal clerk and public information officer Maggie McClain.

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For voters in Dane County, the offices on the ballot include Representative for Congressional District 2, Representative for Assembly District 76, Dane County Sheriff and Dane County Clerk of the Circuit Court; Like MyVote Wisconsin.

According to Mayvote Wisconsin, Dane County’s referendum questions will be on the topics of marijuana and abortion.

Congressional District 2 Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Kenosha) is running against Republican Eric Olsen and independent Douglas Alexander. According to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Francesca Hong is the only incumbent and candidate running for Assembly District 76 representative, although the ballot will include a write-in portion.

The Dane County sheriff’s race is between Democratic incumbent Calvin Barrett and Republican Anthony Hamilton.

The only candidate for Dane County Circuit Court Clerk According to Mayvot Wisconsin, Democratic incumbent Carlo Esqueda.

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Since there are many offices on the ballot, Senator Kathleen Bernier (R-Chippawa Falls) He said that during each election, some places may go without recognition.

“One race that doesn’t get enough attention statewide is the secretary of state position,” Bernier said. “In most states, the secretary of state is very important in running elections, among other things, it’s a very important position.”

According to Myvote Wisconsin, the candidates for state secretary are Democratic incumbent Doug LaFollette, Republican Amy Lynn Ludenbeck, Libertarian Neil Harmon and Green Party of Wisconsin candidate Sharyl R. McFarland included.

Although the polls include a candidate’s party affiliation, Bernier encourages voters to do research on the candidates before voting along party lines.

“Let’s be honest, we all support one party or the other, but it might not be good for people to blindly choose one party or the other,” Bernier said. You just need to know who is running and why.

UW political science professor David Cannon shares his thoughts on the potential national results of the election and how it will affect UW students.

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Although many of the seats up for election are not national offices, Cannon said they are still important to the future of UW students.

“Ethnic politics is relevant to everything from the environment to climate change. They passed the biggest climate change spending bill we got in late summer.” Cannon said. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen in future Congresses if you didn’t have Democratic control because the Republican Party has shown that they certainly don’t support spending on things like this.

Cannon also cited the economy as why elections are important.

Since students are often interested in finding a job upon graduation, Cannon said, if the economy is doing well, job prospects upon graduation are better than if the economy was in a recession.

All of those things, including abortion and other issues, will be shaped by the outcome of the November election, Cannon said.

Additionally, Cannon described the election results as having a major impact on state support for the UW.

“State support for the UW is currently divided in state government, with Republicans controlling the state legislature and a Democratic governor, but what Tony Evers has done for the UW is prevent any major budget cuts that have been seen in the last eight years or so,” Cannon said. The UW has a small share of state aid, so state politics has a big impact on the UW because it still provides our fair budget.”

As the election approaches, the Madison City Clerk’s Office prepares for a high voter turnout on Election Day. – Wisconsin, in particular, allows same-day voter registration, according to McClain.

As of July 1, 64% of Dane County residents are registered to vote, according to a report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“We have to prepare for a lot of registrations that come in on Election Day, and that’s especially important for those campus wards,” McClain said. “On Election Day, more students will be registering at their polling place, so we’re prepared for that.”

A complete list of offices on the ballot, including incumbents and challengers, can be found on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. Information about voting, including registration and polling place information, is available on the My Vote Wisconsin website.

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