Canon EOS 90D Review | Live science | Whuff News

Key details

Type: DSLR
Sensor: 32.5MP APS-C
Lens installation: Canon EF / EF-S
ISO Range: 100-25,600 (above 51,200)
Viewer: Optical, 100% coverage
Video capability: 4K 30p / 1080p 120p
Weight: 1.55 pounds
Amount: 5.54 x 4.13 x 3.02 inches
Memory Card Type: 1 x SD

As we’ve undoubtedly entered the mirrorless era of camera technology, the Canon EOS 90D proves there’s plenty of life left in the trusty DSLR. This APS-C camera packs more pixels than its rivals from Sony or Nikon, made for action shots with terrific frame rates.

Factor in a 1.6x crop factor, which extends the effective focal length of your lens by 60%, with uncropped 4K video, and it has the makings of one. Best wildlife photography cameras on the market.

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