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Looks-wise Canon EOS R10 Canon M50 Mark II and a small SLR like the Canon EOS 250D (AKA Canon EOS Rebel T7) is something with the addition of a joystick on the back. In fact, at 122.5 x 87.8 x 83.4mm, it’s smaller than the 250D/SL7 – the smallest DSLR with a removable screen to begin with and probably still is.

Additionally, with a 429G memory card and battery, the R10 is lighter than the 250D, making it an attractive highly portable camera for travel.

Despite its low weight and small size, the Canon R10 has a deep grip. That partial mirrorless means the camera body doesn’t need to be as deep as an SLR. Therefore, the R10 feels well paired with the new RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM and RF-S 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM lenses.

Except for the menu button, the R10’s top and rear controls are located on the right side of the camera, which combined with its low weight makes it easy to use with one hand.

According to the specifications, the Canon R10 is made primarily of magnesium alloy and plastic, but is not listed as weather sealed.

Canon has given the R10 dual control dials, one in the top-plate behind the shutter release and the other behind the top plate above the thumb rest. This means that the shutter speed and opening speed can be quickly adjusted without having to press a button while the dial is rotating. Both are made of metal and have a curved edge.

To the left of the rear dial, there’s a large exposure mode dial where all the fan’s options (PASM and Bulb) are located, plus two customizable options, Canon Flex Priority (Fv mode), Scene Intelligent Auto, Scene mode, Creative Filter mode and Video mode.

On the back of the camera is the usual touchpad with four shortcut keys and a central Q/Set button. Pressing the Q button opens a quick menu or confirms a selection of settings. There’s also an info button for switching between different display options, an AF-on button and AF point selection, and using the Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) buttons. The back two buttons are on top of a ridge that creates a thumb rest, so there’s a nice, clear spot for your thumb. The textured joystick is placed to the left of the top of the thumb rest so it’s within easy reach.

Like all of Canon’s latest cameras, the R10 has fully integrated touch controls, allowing you to tap on-screen settings from the main and quick menus. You can also set the focus point and zoom in on the image by tapping on the screen.

More good news is that the 3-inch 1.04 million-dot screen is mounted on a vari-angle mount, which means that whoever is holding the camera can easily move it into position for viewing.

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