Canon launches the first flash designed for the latest EOS R cameras | Whuff News

Canon has unveiled the new Canon L-5 Speedlight, priced at 60GN (guide number), with a built-in modeling light and rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, a must-have for any event photographer.

The Canon EL-5 Speedlite was released at the same time as the Canon EOS R6 Mark II (Opens in a new tab) and the Canon RF 135mm f/1.8L IS USM (Opens in a new tab). Being announced at the same time as the EOS R6 Mark II is particularly significant, as the new speedlight is Canon’s first to feature compatibility with the camera’s multi-mount shoe, also featured on the Canon EOS R3. (Opens in a new tab)Canon EOS R7 (Opens in a new tab) and the Canon EOS R10 (Opens in a new tab).

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