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Melville, New York, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Offering a platform to help print suppliers achieve automation through process efficiency and optimization of digital printing investments, Canon America, Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today introduced a new PRISMA product; A high-performance workflow and product management platform.

In appreciation of the PRISMA product, Canon has launched PRISMAsimulate Ultra.1 Enable digital layout proofing, color estimation and product simulation features for maximum profitability and minimum waste for graphic arts and business communication applications.

PRISMA Production supports the automation and integration of data input and conversion – and prepress and production management – ​​in a single platform to help customers achieve workflow efficiencies across digital publishing platforms. Enhanced pre-press capabilities rank among the many enhancements, allowing customers to handle a variety of file types such as PDF, AFP, Line Data, PCL, PostScript, PPML, LCDS, RDO and VIPP.

As print jobs become increasingly complex, print file sizes are also growing. The new PRISMA production capabilities include better data optimization tools to run any web-fed and sheetfed inkjet and toner printers at full speed, even for extremely large PDF files such as commercial photo applications. This not only optimizes workflow and post optimization, but also helps even the fastest printers reach peak productivity levels.

The new version of PRISMAproduction runs on SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) and offers high security standards by working to improve the separation between the application software and the operating system and improve user management.

TrueProof’s successor, PRISMAsimulate Ultra, is designed to help print suppliers reduce setup times through color estimation, proofing, and workflow simulation to reduce on-site setup times. PRISMAsimulate Ultra offers two free optional modules when you purchase PRISMAsimulate Ultra Server:

  • Universal PDF Estimation provides customers with detailed color usage reports for Canon’s web fed inkjet presses, allowing quick and accurate quotes to be prepared for print buyers without the need to print the file first. It supports the comparison of pre- and post-calculations with actual color and media consumption and provides useful management information to further optimize quotations and color-related settings. Print operators can also easily generate reports on detailed estimates of ink and media consumption based on engine-specific data. Intuitive reports can be exported automatically or manually as PDF or CSV files to allow further processing in other management applications.
  • The printer simulation packages offered in conjunction with PRISMA Production provide first-time-ready prints by checking the layout, registration and printability of each file before printing for web-fed inkjet and select toner printers. This is useful for print vendors as they develop their portfolio of applications so they can avoid trial and error, which takes up valuable print time. Alongside seamless integration into customers’ production workflows with PRISMA Productions, it can help customers save resources, costs and waste. “It is important for printing businesses to have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to meet the challenges of process optimization, increasing short run lengths, productivity demands and a shortage of skilled labor,” said Shinichi “Sam” Yoshida, Canon’s executive vice president and general manager. AmericaInc. “Both PRISMAproduction and PRISMAsimulate Ultra bring key benefits that address these pressures and provide a strategy for increased efficiency, optimized business growth and future digital investments.”

It is expected that the new PRISMA production will be available to customers America In Q4 2022, PRISMAsimulate Ultra will be ready to ship to customers in the US in Q1 2023.

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1 Against the backdrop of market demand for greater automation and rising asset costs, PRISMAsimulate Ultra is offered as a subscription-based business model so no large upfront investment is required for customers.

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