CRA has selected Infovista for large-scale performance testing | Whuff News

Infovista, the world leader in network automation (NLA), announced yesterday that its solutions have been selected by Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) to provide multi-operator network testing in the world’s largest real-time networks. inside the country.
Infovista’s system will enable the regulator to audit all of Qatar’s mobile operators and help ensure they continue to deliver their license obligations during periods of high traffic as subscribers and visitors attend large sites.
By having a complete view of the performance of all networks at important times during the events when the application is generated, the CRA will have an independent record. with the reality of managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and being able to direct service improvements as needed, ensuring that the promise is delivered. level of service provided to all mobile subscribers.
The CRA will focus on monitoring and measuring key areas including football stadiums, shopping malls, Doha Metro, and Hamad International Airport – all areas that will see more visitors and increased demand. for mobile phone and data services.
Using Infovista’s fully independent network Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring solutions including TEMS Sense and TEMS Director, CRA will use audit Networks are located at the main centers in these areas to conduct intensive research on the planned events expected by mobile phone operators do the same. be high.
In addition, it will be actively tested how networks respond to sudden disruptions in data traffic as subscribers take to social media to share precious moments with family and friends.
TEMS Sense provides network testing and measurement tools that CRA can use to perform network performance testing. take them all. The KPI data collected will include network efficiency, quality, and productivity, all of which will enable the CRA to monitor the quality provided by each person. The TEMS Director acts as a back-end ‘ship manager’, managing the active research network, pushing the experimental scripts further. those who collect data such as success or failure rates of calls during peak traffic times.
“Major events, such as world sporting events or international exhibitions, present unique challenges to mobile networks – and to the organizers who must monitor the performance of their networks. Whether fans share special information on social media or on the mobile phone of friends from full games, knowing that communication can manage the work that is central to the role of the manager, “said Faiq Khan, President Global Networks at Infovista .
“The CRA has chosen Infovista to provide it with the tools it needs not only to monitor operators’ compliance with their licensing requirements, but to ensure that all people visiting Qatar for an accident many have the mobile experience they expect. We’re excited to work with CRA to bring the biggest and best-in-class models to Qatar – let the games begin!”

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