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MCU fans are still pinching themselves. Daredevil is back and the audience can’t believe it. Charlie Cox returns as the fan-favorite comic book character after years of work as a hero on Netflix. Cox appeared She-Hulk: Attorney at Law After returning to his MCU at the end of last year Spider-Man: There’s No Way HomeAll this belongs to the series – Daredevil: Reborn.

But with Marvel’s fearless return to the spotlight, there are plenty of questions about the canonical nature of the character’s Netflix adventures. Cox called this “A New Beginning” For the character, with this return a “A Whole New Deal” But the events that happened so far are not clear Courage It happened in this version of the hero on Netflix.

Well, Matt Murdock/Daredevil actor Charlie Cox has spoken out about it yet, providing a little more insight.

Daredevil Marvel canon
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Speaking to reporters about his appearance at Marvel Studios She-Hulk: Attorney at LawDaredevil actor Charlie Cox has addressed canon questions about his character’s return.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cox was asked if this version of Matt Murdock was the same as the one on Netflix. Courage.

Cox clearly stated, “I really don’t know.” He mentioned the absence “Read any script yet.” Lack of concrete answers for him, but he noticed that “Obviously there will be some consistency.” And “Some Differences”

“I really don’t know. I haven’t gotten to that point with the writers of the next ‘Daredevil’ episode. So I haven’t read any scripts yet, and we haven’t really talked about what this is. The current iteration will be like: I’m being used as an actor to play the part, so there might be some consistency.” And obviously there will be some differences. Combining the two will be the challenge of the new show. Add some cool parts, ideas, concepts and aspects that we haven’t been able to do before. So it’s Daredevil, but improved.

THR followed up, noting that Marvel could. “Be it both ways.” The actor responded “I think so, yes.”

“I think, yeah, I’m really excited to be included and I’m going to be quiet, we’re making noise, but I like to let everybody do their job. (Laughs).”

Cox recently revealed to EW whether the MCU’s Matt is the same as Netflix’s Matt, and in 2016 Courage And She-Hulk Star told them “It should be and always is the same behavior.”

He remembered working on the Netflix series and doing that show “It was very dark and brutal and hard.” While admitting that he is “[doesn’t] Know what [Daredevil: Born Again] will be” Had fun with. “Heart and tongue in cheek.” Feeling She-Hulk And Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home:

It should be and always is the same behavior. The difference is that it is similar to people, we change and change and are very different depending on the situation in our lives. From the Netflix show Matt Murdock, That World and What It Was. Going on the mat meant that we were often dealing with someone who was under a lot of pressure and pressure, and the show as a whole was very dark and gritty and heavy. I don’t know what the new show is going to be, but when I came to do ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘She-Hulk,’ the tone was more lighthearted and cheeky and fun and witty and sassy, ​​so the hope was that Matt could fit into that. Engage the world and participate in it without being a different character and a different person.

In the same interview, Cox commented on working with Tatiana Maloney. She-Hulksaying “It was such a joy.” And praise for being Maslany “An incredible actor.”

“I really had a great time researching that, trying it out and seeing the fit. And just working with Tatiana. [Maslany on She-Hulk] It was such a joy. She is an incredible actress. I felt it was important that Matt Murdoch’s humor was not overly serious. I felt it was important to go toe-to-toe with her and match her charisma and wit and sense of fun, and it was really fun to do.”

There is still no answer to the canon of courage.

So does Netflix Courage Canon or not? Well, it’s still unclear, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while.

What’s funny to note in all of this is that Cox and Marvel don’t seem all that concerned with answering this burning question. The Daredevil actor seems happy to be back and doesn’t care if this is the same character he played before or not. He simply enjoys playing the role again.

He mentioned the possibility Courage And other Netflix series are both canon and non-canon. We grieve for those who can. “Be it both ways.” Taking some of what you want from the story that Netflix tells and changing what you want. While that might not be what fans want to hear, it might be interesting to see what elements they choose to bring in if they go in this direction.

For now, though, the question of how it is canon remains. Couragewhat if?

Charlie Cox can now be seen in Season 1 of Disney+. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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