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We would like to introduce the members of the Mysuru Dasara Cultural Committee in this column.

During Dasara many cultural programs are organized at different places – about 15 to 20 places at a time.

We have attended programs at Kalamandira, Jaganmohan Palace, Ganabharathi, Kirurangamandira and others, and have noticed that not even 10 percent of the seats are filled with the audience, which discourages the performers.

People were especially attracted to events at Mysore Palace, Dasara Exhibition Grounds, Yuva Dasara etc.

Our suggestions to the concerned authorities, some of the music programs in the above gymnasiums can be organized after Dasara so that enough audience can participate for the program to encourage the organizers as well. sing. Hopefully, the Dasara Cultural Committee will look into this during the next Dasara celebration.

– Sakaray Krishna Murthy, Ramakrishnanagar, 14.10.2022

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