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In recognition Energy Efficiency MonthThe Department of the Air Force highlights the critical role of energy in ensuring combat capability and readiness and the importance of developing energy solutions that support resilience in the face of climate change.

This year, DAF has established a new three-year theme, “Energy Possible,” which highlights the Department’s forward-looking approach to energy innovation and strengthening future energy. Complex challenges that include a competitive workplace, accelerating climate change, adversarial cyber threats, and a changing political landscape all threaten DAF’s infrastructure, energy, and electricity supply. As such, DAF should consider exploring the possibility of finding safe, reliable, and efficient energy solutions that strengthen our ability to fight and succeed in a changing world.

“The important role played by the force in the Air Force and Space Power The works of the world cannot be exaggerated. Our weapons systems and installations depend on safe and reliable power to complete the job, and without it we cannot fight effectively,” he explained. Edwin Oshiba, Air Force, Installation, and Environment acting deputy secretary. “We are working across the Department to protect our energy supply chains, incorporate energy-efficient technologies, and support installation resilience to increase our combat effectiveness in the face of climate impacts.”

Operational power, or fuel fuel, comprises the majority of the DAF’s energy use, providing a great opportunity to increase energy use and an example of how the military can improve its combat capabilities, while meeting aggressive weather objectives. DAF improves aircraft fuel efficiency through improved drag reduction and engine maintenance, flexible software, system improvements, and propulsion. Through a coordinated combat effort, DAF identifies and mitigates operational risk in logistics and energy supply chains to ensure a ready and lethal force.

Installations across the country are exploring renewable energy projects including microgrids, electric vehicle infrastructure, solar panels, and micro-reactor trials to strengthen installation resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, DAF conducts extensive planning efforts such as Installation of Energy Systems and Climate Resilience advancing the critical mission of energy and water systems and continues Energy Stabilization Fitness Activities to help installations assess mission readiness during a controlled loss of power.

DAF is developing a comprehensive Climate Action Plan aligned with national security mandates that sets climate priorities and actionable goals to address the critical threat of climate change, including goals related to energy efficiency, which should be released soon.

The force is critical to the DAF’s ability to accomplish missions to fly, fight, and succeed in air, space, and cyberspace. To help spread awareness about energy initiatives, visit Energy Efficiency Month website and follow the hashtag #PowerDAFPpossibility on Facebook and Twitter.

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