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CHATHAM, NJ – A home energy audit program sponsored by JCP&L and PSE&G could provide an incentive program for all Chatham homeowners in the name of using more energy.

Scott Fischer of recently appeared before council to announce the launch of Chatham’s Energy Insight Program, which offers a discount on home energy assessments.

For the next six months, energy audits for all Chatham homes will be offered for $49 under the program. The purpose of this audit is to highlight potential practical changes and improvements to the home.

Many people, according to Fischer, are unaware of the strong incentive programs JCP&L and PSE&G offer their customers for making energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

Incentive programs provide cash back and bill payments for improvements such as insulation upgrades, heating system upgrades, and air conditioning system upgrades.

According to Fischer, these changes can lower home operating costs.

“The goal of the Chatham Home Energy Insight Program is to increase awareness that these programs are available to homeowners to make these types of improvements,” said Fischer.

An energy audit is seen as a “deep dive” into the home, Fischer said. Technicians are tasked with running several diagnostic tests designed to pinpoint how each home is losing or wasting energy.

After a three-hour visit, the technicians will compile a report detailing all the systems in their home and which are the “worst offenders,” along with recommendations on how the homeowner can improve their performance. currently has similar programs in neighboring areas such as Madison and Summit.

“My hope is that we can get here and audit all the homes in Chatham and be able to open up these incentives or make them available to more homes in Chatham that can benefit from them,” Fischer said.

The pilot program will provide several low-income options to accommodate all Chatham residents.

According to Fischer, the audit process was conducted in response to a public request for proposal, which is a process where the town accepts bids from competing companies and selects one of them.

The program’s website is still being developed, but once it’s complete, it will be integrated with the actual web page, according to Mayor Thaddeus J. Kobylarz.

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