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Now, if you’ve seen the set photos that made their way to social media platforms earlier this year, you already knew that Tenth Doctor would be returning to action. Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials next year, and running alongside a few other familiar faces, including Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble. But most fans probably assumed we’d see Ten running with Gatwa Fourteen to lead this new version of the Time Lord.

But, starting with last night’s big regeneration twist, here’s a little more about last night’s new/old Doctor from returning showrunner Russell T. Davis learned some very interesting information. Not only is Tennant’s version of the Doctor returning, he’s also confirmed to be playing the Fourteenth Doctor. That means that when Tenor arrives in “The Doctor’s Force,” we’ll get ten Doctor Who we know and love, as well as a new fourteen.

But where does this leave Gatwan’s doctor? Davis has officially confirmed that he will be the Fifteenth Doctor.

“If you thought David Tennant’s appearance was shocking, we have more surprises on the way!” Davis said in a statement after the show. “The path to Nkuti’s Fifteenth Doctor is full of mystery, fear, robots, toys, danger and fun! And how does it relate to the return of the wonderful Donna Noble? How, what, why? We’re giving you a year to figure it out, then all hell will break loose!”

So, when the new incumbents face each other in order of the official number pronunciation – from the first Time Lord played by William Hartnell to Whittar’s Thirteenth – Ten and Fourteen break that rule, Tenant’s Return. The next time we meet a new actor in the role of the doctor, he will be fifteen, not fourteen.

Ten and fourteen are hardly the first time. Doctor Who Although the way doctors are often considered to be clean. John Hart’s War Doctor, for example, was between Paul McGann’s Eighth and Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctors, but a few Steven Moffat-y reasons kept him from being included in the original issue. Departing showrunner Chris Chibnall’s own “timeless child” puzzle and the introduction of Joe Martin’s Runaway Doctor (one of the few bright spots of Chibnall’s run in this writer’s opinion) further skewed the numbers. If you want to make things confusing for yourself, throw in that whole Vayard commercial from the 80s.

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