Duke Energy, Amazon Web Services integrates grid technology development | Whuff News

CHARLOTTE – Duke Energy and Amazon Web Services are partnering to advance energy grid solutions in a move they say will help boost clean energy efforts.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“As part of this agreement, Duke Energy will build new grid software and services on AWS and expand its Smart Grid Services—a suite of custom-built applications that help utilities anticipate future energy demand and identify where and how to renew the energy grid. AWS, too , will work with Duke Energy to build cloud technology to support Duke Energy’s grid planning solutions, so they can run faster and more cost-effectively,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Duke Energy also says AWS will continue to be a leading source for cloud software development. .

“Our digital evolution is fundamental to our clean energy transition,” said Bonnie Titone, senior vice president and chief information officer at Duke Energy. “For example, to accurately measure future energy needs and plan investments in the grid, we need to run hundreds of millions of energy flow calculations – a process that would take weeks using traditional IT hardware. Using the cloud technology that AWS is developing for Duke Energy, we intend to run those simulations in 15 minutes or less.

Duke Energy also said that using AWS leads to “actionable information from millions of gigabytes of data at unprecedented speeds.”

“Fast, accurate understanding means Duke Energy is better equipped to build the grid of the future – a smart grid that can withstand extreme weather, handle the growing demands of electric vehicles, and support green technologies, such as solar roofs and battery energy storage,” the company added.

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