Energy Saving – SUSI Partners Sign Agreement with Norwegian Energy Efficiency Expert | Whuff News

SUSI Partners’ well-established funding model will allow SASTECH to implement its solutions without requiring any upfront capital expenditure from its customers, thereby increasing the scope of its project and accelerating the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives in Norway and beyond. The most common steps in SASTECH’s supply range from installing heat pumps and heat recovery systems to solar PV roofs and battery storage systems. SASTECH is led by a team of experienced directors around renewable energy pioneer Dr Alf Bjørseth.

The recent increase in electricity prices, volatility and worrying results about energy security have led many businesses to refocus on energy efficiency, where energy costs and energy independence were not the focus of investment before. While energy use is typically closely scrutinized for energy-intensive industrial companies, owners and operators of commercial buildings are increasingly realizing the benefits of reducing their energy use. Accordingly, specialized energy service companies such as SASTECH have seen an increase in demand for their services, the full fulfillment of which is facilitated by the financing solution of SUSI Partners.

With this framework agreement, SUSI Partners’ credit platform expands its footprint in the Nordics, investing in Norway for the first time, and increasing the number of countries covered to 18. the fund raising of his successor, the SUSI Energy Efficiency and Transition Credit Fund, which is expected to reach its first conclusion before the end of the year.

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