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On its own, the so-called ‘passive cooking’ of pasta saves up to 47% of energy and CO2 emissions. Simple, easy-to-use changes like cooking with a lid, can save up to 25% of energy. On top of this, using the dishwasher costs 10 times less than washing tableware by hand.

“Taking the same approach to the conservation offered by all their necessary electrical appliances can bring tangible benefits to the householders,” explained Paolo Falcioni, General Director of APPLiA, emphasizing the importance of better use of our electrical appliances, as one of the most effective ways to use our electrical appliances. face the looming energy crisis across Europe.

In general, consumers tend to overlook the potential of using the ECO settings of their washing machines and dishwashers. While the average ECO program takes about 39 minutes longer than any other setting, it can significantly reduce energy and water consumption. “Heating water takes a lot of energy,” emphasized Falcioni.

A long shower means that the water should not be too hot and not too hot. “Sustainable technology is already built into most of the products distributed in EU households,” he continued, emphasizing the role of the campaign to inform consumers about the cost savings that can be unlocked by making the most of what is already there. our homes.

Today’s refrigerators and washing machines can do a good job using ¼ of the energy respectively and ⅓ of the water needed 20 years ago. Digital technology can provide energy saving solutions in the medium and long term for households to save energy and reduce costs, among the challenges ahead. Despite this, over 188 million household appliances across Europe are over 10 years old.

“For consumers, the transition can seem complicated, time-consuming and expensive, which is why government action is needed to support investment in energy use and map-out the next steps,” said Falcioni. This, along with behavioral change, as outlined in the advice given by our campaign #killURbill can go a long way to stimulate the market and lead to re-innovation, by guiding people and businesses in a way to save energy, quickly.

Finding ways to motivate energy users to change their behavior is certainly not an easy task. APPLIA’s kill your case the campaign wants to show that simple actions always work,” said Falcioni. The current crisis presents a unique moment. The high prices have focused minds on the importance of efficiency, and the ability to deliver quick results by reducing demand, while also putting Europe on the path to long-term benefits.

This is intertwined with the need to re-acknowledge the power of morality. With pressing need and guidance from governments and businesses, “we can achieve measurable results in energy demand,” Falcioni concluded.

APPLiA – Home Appliance Europe has launched its energy saving campaign, gathering the intelligence of the world’s leading home appliance companies, to encourage small, effective changes in the way consumers use their home appliances.

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