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ST. AO (WJON News) — Thousands of high school students from 29 Minnesota high schools had the opportunity to learn about different careers all in one place.

The EPIC for students was held on Friday at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

Chapter of Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Gail Cruikshank said to be an opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of careers after school.

We want to show them what work looks like. It’s hard to say I want to be me if they haven’t seen it, or they’ve never talked to someone who has done that career.

Cruikshank said the goal is to show young people that there are more options for them here in central Minnesota. According to him, more than 130 employees participated in the event.

Well, another event on November 15th is called EPIC for Influence where students can bring adults into their lives and learn more about careers they are interested in.

You come in and you talk to our employees one by one about the skills I need to have if I want to do this, what kind of training is needed, what kind of salary I can expect. when i’m ready…

Cruikshank said all area schools will also be on hand that night to answer questions about the education requirements for jobs.

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