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India recorded a severe weather event on almost 90 percent of the days in the first nine months of this year, with Himachal Pradesh recording the highest number of deaths, according to a new report.

These disasters claimed 2,775 lives, damaged 1.8 million hectares (ha) of crops, destroyed 4,16,667 houses and killed close to 70,000 livestock, said the report, ‘Extreme Weather Report 2022’, published by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE).

This comparison of loss and damage may be an underestimate because the data for each disaster is not aggregated, nor is the loss of public property or the loss of crops calculated, the green group said. .

“India recorded extreme weather conditions on 241 out of 273 days from January 1 to September 30 this year. That means close to 90 percent of the first nine months of this year, were in India a severe weather condition broke out in one or more parts of the country,” the report said.

At 140, Madhya Pradesh saw the highest number of days with severe weather events and Himachal Pradesh recorded the highest number of deaths at 359. Madhya Pradesh and Assam saw 301 deaths. each.

Delhi reported four days of severe weather events with lightning and storms, with three deaths due to them. The capital of the country also recorded two days with heavy rain, 28 hot days and seven cold days.

Assam reported the highest number of houses destroyed and animals killed.

Karnataka, which experienced severe weather on 82 days in the first nine months, has more than 50 percent of the country’s crops affected, the report said.

Madhya Pradesh, according to official data, has not reported any damage to crops. This could be due to gaps in lost and damaged reports.

The central region reported the highest number of days with bad weather at 198, followed by the northwest at 195.

In terms of lives lost, the central region saw the highest number of deaths at 887, followed by the east and northeast (783 deaths).

In 2022, India recorded its seventh wettest January since 1901. This was the warmest March and the third wettest in 121 years. This is also the third warmest April in the country, the eleventh warmest August and the eighth warmest September since 1901.

Eastern and eastern India saw the warmest and driest July in 121 years. The region also recorded its second warmest August and fourth warmest September in 2022.

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