Go trick-or-treating with local items instead of regular Halloween door knockers | Whuff News

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – As kids across the region dig through their bags of Halloween candy, homeowners say they still have plenty to spare thanks to a few tricks. knock on their doors.

Marana Resident Terisa Kellywood said her family spent a month turning their house into a haunted house and she said the lack of tricks was the scariest sight!

“This year, there are almost no tricks or tricks at this point,” Kellywood said. “Parents go to a lot of things in the village, and children who have to go to school tomorrow, it is easier to go to the village than to go to tricks or tricks again.”

Kellywood lives in Cortaro Ranch, and he said the entire night was not a riot. He said, it seems that many children who came later traveled from other neighborhoods.

However, Candy Crawloween in Oro Valley seemed to be stronger.

“Years ago, we just went to our neighborhoods where we lived and went from door to door. Eventually we had to find safe neighborhoods like Saddle Brook where we wouldn’t put a razor in our apples,” said Rick Frey, Tucson Resident. “It’s a good way to promote business and see parents here with their children.”

Many parents say that is why they opt out of conventional treatments.

“I think these things are safer, there are more people around, more eyes, more awareness,” said Elvira Argote, Tucson Resident.

Argote and a few other parents said they’ll still take their kids trick-or-treating later so they get the best of both worlds.

“It’s good to keep the traditions alive, go around and meet your neighbors but it’s good to be involved with your community and the shops,” said Lisa Osborne, Oro Valley Resident.

Whether it’s an organization or a door knocker, kids tell us they want to celebrate!

“As long as I have candy I’m fine,” said Felix Lechuga of Magician.

Although neighborhoods get busy later in the evening, homeowners say the below-average numbers may be due to the holiday falling on Monday night.

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