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Dragon Ball Super confirms that Gohan and Piccolo’s new powerful transformation will be seen in the new manga arc from the superhero movie.

One of the biggest debates in Dragon Ball Super Officially Resolved: Gohan And PiccoloNew forms from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It will soon be official canon in the manga as well. For the new announcement Dragon Ball Super The arc includes a reference to the new powerful transformations that Gohan and Piccolo debuted in the movie, which sets things up nicely.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It had the merit of focusing on two characters who got little time to shine in the manga and the anime adaptation, Gohan and Piccolo. Dragon Ball Super So far it’s mostly focused on Goku and Vegeta, but fans have been clamoring to see other popular characters, which is one of the reasons for its success. Super hero. The film gave Gohan and Piccolo two powerful new forms, Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo, but the events of the franchise films often sit in a strange and gray area and the question remains if it should be canonical as a series. Canonicality.

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Announcement of the new story arc b Dragon Ball Super The manga cleared any doubts. Thanks to (now-removed) tweets from Dragon Ball news sources like @DBSChronicles, fans outside of Japan were able to get a glimpse of the 2018 Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball 2018 Dragon Ball Super 2. Did you know that the January 2023 issue of V-Jump magazine (published in November 2022) contained an announcement of the new arc, which confirms it? When the manga returns to serialization on December 20, the story will adjust the events Super hero, as well as adding a preset focused on Goten and trunks. The announcement also mentions Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo, meaning they will no doubt appear in the manga.

The Dragon Ball Super manga explains Gohan’s Beast and Orange Piccolo.


later Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero As it turned out, many fans began to discuss whether the events of the film should really be considered canon (as it were Dragon Ball Super: Broly) and when they fit perfectly with the schedule of the series. The absence of Goku and Vegeta from the story led fans to believe Super hero It’s set during the Granolah the Survivor Arc from the manga, but Goten and Trunks as adults ensures that the movie will be a few years in the future. As soon as it happened BrolyThe manga takes most of the events from the movie and makes them canon, including Gohan and Piccolo’s new transformations, while also adding new details that should have been left out of the movie.

This means that fans will finally know more about Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo. In the film, both of these power-ups happen without much explanation due to runtime constraints. The manga has a chance to explain how Gohan unlocked this new form from his Potential Unleashed state and why Shenron gave Piccolo his new transformation with a simple wish. Supporters of Dragon Ball Super Those already excited about the upcoming manga arc now have something else to look forward to: Gohan and Piccolo’s new powerful transformations.

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Source: @DBSCronicles. Original source: Shuisha V-Jump Magazine, January 2023 issue (published November 2022).

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