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At Rs 49,990, this device is an absolute beast and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who doesn’t have a professional use case. If you only need a laptop for writing, watching or streaming videos and browsing the web, go for it.

When I opened the laptop for the first time, I was a little worried to see the Intel Core i3 sticker on the palm. It didn’t take long for that feeling to go away because this processor is an absolute champ – it handled everything I threw at it and more and never once protested.

I’ve been using the Asus Vivobook 15 for about a week now, and I have a few thoughts.

The review unit comes with a since-replaced i3 chip, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of PCIe solid-state drive storage. It has a 15.6 inch touchscreen and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with McAfee protection software and Windows 11. And the laptop comes with free Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for life.

The device also comes with three USB Type-A ports — one on the left side — an HDMI port and a USB Type-C port, all on the right side, along with a 3.5mm audio jack and a power slot.

Now that the spec sheet is no longer available, let’s dive into the experience.

The laptop is quite fun to use – during the review period, it served as my primary device and never once did it let me down. I’m talking about 15-20 tabs open on Google Chrome, running various other software at the same time, and I can remember only one instance of the heat sink being activated, and I heard the fan turn on.

At one point, many of these windows were open on laptops, and I never heard a murmur of protest.

Fingerprint sensor

The laptop comes with a fingerprint sensor located on the top right corner of the trackpad, it works like a charm. All I have to do is put my finger on it – even when the machine is asleep – and it wakes up and unlocks instantly. The fingerprint sensor has never let me down.

Speaking of the trackpad, I wish it was a little bigger and more centrally located. Other than that, no complaints. It does its job more than adequately.


The Vivobook 15 comes with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, but the novelty of that touchscreen wears off quickly, especially if you’re not a 2-by-1 flipper. The screen is very bright in indoor situations, but with a peak brightness of 250 nits, it’s something of a disappointment when used in bright sunlight. That said, how many of us use our laptops in the sunlight?


This, for me, was the biggest surprise. I was initially disappointed that the laptop didn’t come with a backlit keyboard – many laptops in the same price range – but again, it stopped being a problem once I started typing. The keyboard is absolutely please type – ley feels nice and clicky but not too loud. You won’t have the whole cafe staring at you while you hammer (trust me, I tried). The keys are responsive and the keyboard, thanks to the large screen, is equipped with a numeric keypad. The keys are spaced just enough to reduce the chance of typos.

The inside of a laptop. (Image: Asus)

Operational system

I’ve always been of the opinion that the best books are the ones that let you focus on the story rather than how it’s written, and a good device gets the job done without making you realize how seamlessly the book’s internals work with each other to make it happen.

This is a good device and has never given me any problems even though it runs the latest version of Windows OS. As mentioned earlier, the 12th generation i3 chip is more capable and doesn’t complain even if you run multiple programs simultaneously.

Regarding the OS, I really don’t feel the difference. It’s Windows, plain and simple. It was familiar with the new coat of paint, so I didn’t have to figure out how to finish things. That’s the way Windows has been for decades now.

Battery life

This, if anything, is the most disappointing feature. On a full charge and with the adaptive screen brightness turned on, the battery lasts just under three hours, which isn’t ideal.


At Rs 49,990, this device is quite a beast, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who doesn’t have a professional use case. If you only need a laptop for writing, watching or streaming videos and browsing the web, go for it. But if you want more performance gains from your machine, the Vivobook 15 series also comes with an Intel Core i5 variant priced at Rs 64,990. Both the variants come in “Slight Blue” and “Transparent Silver”.

We now live in a world where Rs 50,000 for a laptop is considered “budget”, so I’ll conclude this by saying the Asus Vivobook 15 is a great budget device for students and professionals whose workloads don’t require great computing power.

Note To Readers

Asus sent me this device for review, and it will be returned to the company. The company had no input on the oversight of this review.

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