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The continuation of Halloween in GTA Online has almost reached its final stage, but players can still participate in many scary activities on the map. Rockstar Games launched the event on October 6, 2022, and it is expected to remain active until November 3.

With so much activity going on in the game right now and the players in such a happy mood, it seems that many of the game elements related to Halloween will be completely missed. This article covers all the Halloween events and the rewards that players can get by participating in them.

Details about all things Halloween 2022 and rewards in GTA Online

With the recent weekly release, Rockstar Games has added many new and returning features to GTA Online. Players who log in between October 27 and November 3 will receive the Death Mask for free.

Additionally, logging into the game on October 31st will reward you with a rare Sasquatch Outfit. These items can be accessed from the dresser or in-game contact menu.

New- Weevil Custom ($980,000) Return items-Peyote Plants-UFO Business Battle-Camhedz Arcade Machine Freemode Events- Phantom Car- Slasher (50% chance to fight your clone)2x GTA$ & RP- Halloween Adv Modes- Arena Modes (+2x) AP)Log in open- Death Mask#GTAOnline

Also, Peyote Plants are back in the game and can be found on the map in different places. Using them will turn you into a special animal with their abilities. The village is doing a lot of activities after turning into animals, and some traveled to Cayo Perico to participate in El Eubio’s party.

A map of all the Peyote Plant locations in GTA Online (Image via Twitter)
A map of all the Peyote Plant locations in GTA Online (Image via Twitter)

Many UFOs can also be seen in Los Santos, and this time, they are abducting people who are running below. Players who take photos of these UFOs and send them to Omega will receive $15,000 for each photo. After submitting 25 pictures, players will receive Glow Believe Caps and UFO Boxer Shorts to take away.

UFO Business Battles are also present in GTA Online, where the players have to give the available parts to the Omega. Successfully delivering cargo during the Enterprise War unlocks the Crown Vintage Mummy mask or the Green Vintage Frank mask in the wardrobe. Completing any shopping mission this week will also reward you with a Halloween Chute Bag.


Players who have a game can participate in the Camhedz Arcade Machine Event. According to events in Freemode, GTA Online players can encounter their Clone Slashers, Phantom cars, and the Cerberus vehicle while roaming the streets.

An exact image of the player as the Slasher will appear during the Slasher event and will be scary when approached. Although the Slasher looks the same as the player, it has more health and damage, with Clone Slashers being able to kill players in one hit.


All Halloween related Campaigns offer double coins and RP in GTA Online. Rockstar also announced a new Character Mode called Judgment Day during the first week of the month. Along with that, bring back Horror Series like Condemned, Come Out to Play, Lost vs. Damned, and Beast vs. Slasher also offers a lot of payouts.

Completing one round of Condemned Adversary Mode unlocks the Orange & Gray Tech Demon mask in the wardrobe.


Alien Survivals, Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher, and Arena War Series both offer double coins, RP, and Arena Points, respectively. GTA Online players who want to farm the maximum RP in the game should use all the Halloween items this week.

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