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OE is an abbreviation. Imagine getting a WOE (What On Earth) via text after you send someone a picture of your dog water skiing on the back of your boat. Acronyms can be fun but also confusing because WOE also stands for Working On Excellence, Way Of Eating, Wings Of Eagles, and … Weekend Of Events.

For the sake of this column, I abbreviate WOE as the finale, Week of Events. I entered a Google search for “fun weekend events happening in Teller County before the end of 2022” and found one event. I found that the search was very specific so I dug deeper and found other activities but one, Costume Cornhole hosted by the City of Woodland Park, was published in many places, which found many the strength.

This discovery prompted me to add a letter to my summary. It’s OIOI for the weekend of Exchange events. One of the easiest ways to promote your business is sharing. This can be done with posters, flyers, emails, and personal invitations. The Chamber of Commerce in Woodland Park also has an online calendar. And, it links to the City’s website. When you’re ready, visit woodlandparkchamber.com and click on the tab for “News & Events.” You will see a link on the page for the organization calendar. Then there is a button to send an event.

Advertisements and editorials also go online in the newspaper’s digital format. Recently, I was sent an email asking a few questions by a digital content manager from Sprecher Brewery in Wisconsin. Jared Corbett saw a column in this paper from August 3 that was titled, “Embracing A Black Cow.” He worked on a blog about the history of root beer floats for his company. Jared linked to the Courier’s Teller Gives Back column on his blog. You can check it out here: sprecherbrewery.com/blogs/blog/how-to-fit-a-black-cow-in-a-mug.

There are many ways to promote your event and the Nonprofit Cooperative of Teller County has a list of publications that you will love to receive. Send an email or attend the next Nonprofit Cooperative Meeting at 9 a.m. Saturday, November 8 at Reserve Our Gallery in Woodland Park. November training on fundraising and sharing will be included in the discussion. All are welcome.

Remember, your Hello is better when shared with others and yes, it becomes everyone’s OHIO.

So it is said that Saturday, November 26 will be held by the Mountain Craftsmen, at the UPCC (Ute Pass Cultural Center) and will be WOEEE (Weekend of Events, Enjoyment & Excitement). the next day is Artists Sunday which is another event. happening at UPCC. Hope to see you again the last weekend of November for OE.

Gayle Gross works with nonprofits through the Teller County Nonprofit Cooperative, which meets at 9 a.m. the second Tuesday of each month at Reserve Our Gallery, 400 W. Midland Ave. Suite 120, Woodland Park. He opened Reserve Our Gallery in May 2021. The Gallery hosts fundraisers for non-profit organizations and features 19 local artists. Contact Gros at iwantto@soarwithnetworkfundraising.org or 719-233-9902 to learn more about the Nonprofit Cooperative of Teller County.

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