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The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup was expected to be an event as some of the top teams made it to the Super 12 and produced some impressive performances. However, things that were planned for the players or the fans of the few teams did not go well because this year’s event witnessed many games being canceled due to the weather conditions in Australia.

So far in the tournament, most of the games have been affected by rain, and three important games have been abandoned without a ball being played. Wasim Jaffer, the former Indian cricketer, thinks that although the ICC cannot do much about this, the Australian board could have chosen different venues for the matches. was organized at the MCG and Hobart, where it usually rains heavily at this time of the. the year.

While speaking on the BatBricks7 Presents Run Ki Runneeti show above CricTrackerJaffer emphasized the point and said:

“It rains in Melbourne and Hobart at this time of year, and the weather is so cold that we see how the players cover themselves with warm clothes in the blood. So the games that were scheduled in Hobart and Melbourne may be moved to other places, maybe Brisbane or Adelaide where there are not many signs of rain. But the World Cup is announced earlier.”

“So it can’t be changed at the last minute because there are other programs going on throughout the year. I don’t think the ICC could have done that. The events of the ICC have long been publicized. The Australian authorities could have organized all these games in Brisbane or maybe in Adelaide and we would have completed all the games because of the ICC, you don’t want to wash away the games or I won’t play.” he added.

Possible elimination teams still in the tournament: Jaffer

He also said that there are teams that are working hard to qualify for the Super 12, hoping to win the world cup, but the weather conditions are not supporting it. those who cause unhappiness. Of the T20 World Cup 2022 it was a chance for Afghanistan to play at the MCG, but their game was washed away and abandoned.

“Teams like Afghanistan – when will they get a chance to play at the MCG? Both of their games were washed out. Such an opportunity is rare. It causes frustration, because sometimes you lose those two things. Potentially eliminated teams are still in the tournament. The layout of the places could be better,” concluded Jaffer.

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