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Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy RK Singh said India has been the fastest in terms of energy transition among the world’s largest economies.

The minister on Thursday unveiled the curtain raiser for the fifth meeting of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to be held in New Delhi from October 17-20, 2022.

“Among all major economies, the speed of energy delivery is the fastest,” said Singh, who also holds the portfolio of energy services.

Noting that the International Solar Alliance is important for the purpose of energy transformation, the minister said that the sun is a very cheap source of energy, solar and small grids are the answer to reach the universal energy world.

India holds the office of president of the ISA assembly. Ministers, delegates and delegates from 109 member countries and signatories are scheduled to participate in the meeting. The meeting will be chaired by RK Singh.

The assembly is the main decision-making body of the ISA, where each member state is represented. This body makes decisions regarding the implementation of the ISA Framework Agreement and coordinated measures to be taken to achieve its objective. The assembly meets annually at the ministerial level at the ISA headquarters. It evaluates the overall effect of the systems and other activities regarding the deployment of solar energy, performance, reliability, cost and financial ratio, a statement from the service of new energy and renewal.

The fifth ISA conference will discuss ISA’s key initiatives on the three key issues of energy access, energy security, and energy transition. Leaders from ISA member countries will discuss capacity building support for all developing member countries, as well as analysis support and support for all member countries.

The meeting is expected to lead to a broad consensus among countries on the promotion of solar energy, the report said, adding that international cooperation will be the backbone of the energy transition, driving investment and creating millions of new green jobs in this crucial climate decade. action.

The ISA Secretariat has planned a series of technical sessions on various ISA initiatives on October 19, 2022, as well as technical sessions on various issues arising in the field of solar energy and sanitation in collaboration with partner organizations.

The ISA meeting comes at a critical time when the global supply chain for solar modules and equipment is facing challenges.

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