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Now, to be clear, the words “Apokolips” or “Darkseid” were never uttered. Black Adam. It’s not even mentioned where Intergang gets their weapons from. But even by the standards of superhero movie cannon fodder (and with a character like Black Adam, who has no qualms about dispatching his enemies, this is the rare superhero movie that actually does). Desire cannon fodder), these guys are playing with some toys that may have extraterrestrial origins. We haven’t seen sides with weapons and vehicles like the Intergang in the other corner of the DCEU, so it’s safe to connect the dots here and say they got these from Apokolips.

Intergang hoverbikes in DC Black Adam

So what is there to suggest what Black Adam does? Zack Snyder Justice League Canon instead of the theatrical version? Of course, we’re going with different endings between the two movies. In the theatrical version, Darkseid’s existence is implied rather than shown, and Steppenwolf’s defeat may or may not be the last we hear of the hordes of Apokolips. But inside Zack Snyder Justice LeagueDarkseid tells Dessed, “Get the armada ready, we’ll use the old ways.”

Is it reasonable to think that one stage of the “old ways” will begin to dress us in earthly armor with earthly weapons and prepare us for invasion? It sure is. Their primal powers just gave them sharp asses in Justice League, so it might be worth trying other pressure points to get a better idea of ​​what they’re getting into!

Now that means those are absolute weaklings. Justice League Are the sequels teased in the coda to that movie now back on the table? Not at all. But with Dwayne Johnson making it clear that he wants future DC movies to make “listening to the fans” a priority, a little nod to the “Snyderverse” might help make that corner of the fandom heard.

Black Adam It is now playing in theatres.

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