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Jon Moxley could return to GCW, despite rumors that he and other AEW talent have been banned from working with the indie promotion.

The news emerged after news broke that the three-time AEW Champion had signed an extension with the promotion of Tony Khan, keeping him until 2027. In the press release, Mox stated that the extension of his stay in All Elite Wrestling and his partners, including NJPW, but not GCW, despite being their champion.

Since then he has lost the world championship to Nick Gage, and was expected not to return to the promotion. But speaking to Fightful, GCW manager and head writer Brett Lauderdale denied the claims:

“If there is such a thing, I have not been told. If that is a new rule, no one has told me. I still have a good relationship with the talent of AEW and I’m still discussing the possibilities with them,” Lauderdale said.


Lauderdale continued to accurately report the statements Moxley had made to GCW. He called the statement a ‘jump’ and teased that it could return within the next two months:

“Even that (Moxley making it to GCW) might be a leap. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moxley coming to GCW two months from now.” (H/T Wrestling Observer)

Moxley was the GCW Champion for 399 days after defeating Matt Cardona in a surprise appearance.

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The AEW team had Jon Moxley fight for the GCW World title

As previously explained, Moxley lost his world title after it was announced that he signed his extension to All Elite Wrestling.

Deathmatch icon Nick Gage, who AEW fans may know from his bloodbath against Chris Jericho last year at Dynamite, lost his name. The 42-year-old fought his career against Moxley’s reign, eager to capture the belt he previously lost to Matt Cardona.

That night might have been the last fans saw of Nick Gage in a ring if it weren’t for the Firm. On behalf of the group, Stokely Hathaway and W. Morrissey entered the ring to fight Mox for the title, apparently at the behest of MJF who joined the group at the time.

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