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Update with official confirmation of Lee Ji-han’s death: South Korea’s entertainment industry has postponed several events after a crowd riot that killed more than 150 people in Seoul’s Itaewon district on Saturday night. The country is in a full week of mourning.

Among the dead was 24-year-old Lee Ji-han, who found fame as a contestant on the Mnet audition show, Construction 101 (read the obituary here). Before Lee’s death was confirmed on Monday, his agency, 935 Entertainment, wrote on Instagram that he “became a star in the sky and left us,” although did not specifically refer to the events of Saturday night.

Lee Ji-han/935 Entertainment

The actor was reported to be appearing in an upcoming MBC series Season of Kkokdu and his scenes have already been filmed in September. His other credits include web series Today Is Another Day Nam Hyeon.

Overall, local businesses are in turmoil after the crisis. According to national reports, the broadcasters have missed this week’s episodes of their entertainment programs. According to the Korea JoongAng Dailyit is likely that the order structure will remain until the end of the mourning period.

Of the Korea Times said the production team of the upcoming film People of Plasticwith Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee), postponed his press conference, but the actors from Hang upwhich was opened at the end of last week, a government visit was cancelled.

Big Hit Music also announced that promotions scheduled for BTS star Jin’s release of the first single “The Astronaut” have been postponed. A music video was supposed to drop today and Big Hit said it would be set a later date.

YG Entertainment, which represents artists such as Blackpink, is also temporarily postponing the schedule of advertising and promotions for its activities.

JoongAng Daily it was also reported that the Korea Music Content Association said it would postpone its Moving the World with Music Festival, which was scheduled to be held in Busan on Thursday and Friday. Other canceled events include the Busan One Asia Festival K-pop Concert and Peakbox 22-03.

Amusement parks and malls have also canceled Halloween activities.

On Saturday night, 154 people were killed and at least 103 others were injured after being crushed in a narrow street in Seoul’s nightlife district Itaewon as thousands visited the area for Halloween. The New York Times reported that more than 100 of those who died were in their 20s.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was among those who paid tribute to those lives lost:

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