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ITANAGAR, 31 October: Arunachal bagged three gold, two silver and three bronze medals in the 3rd Kudo Federation Cup, which was held in Surat, Gujarat, from 24 to 30 October.

While Charu Bading, Rose Mary Gamno and Hura Gambo Tarh won a gold medal, Robin Deori and Charu Niting won a gold medal.

The bronze medalist Elimi Tayeng, Charu Aniya and Tam Lapang, informed the Arunachal Kudo Association.

A national federal event calendar.

Arunachal also participated in the 14th Akshay Kumar International Kudo Tournament held at the same venue, winning five gold, three silver and three bronze medals.

Hura Gambo Tarh and Milton Taga won the gold medal in the senior men’s category above 31 years, while Charu Niting and Tarh Taki won the gold medals in the senior men’s category above 21 years and below. less than 30 years.

Charu Bading, Charu Tach and Hura Tariam Tarh won a silver medal.

The bronze medalists in this category were Taro Duchok and Chitranath Panging.

Rose Mary Gamno won a gold medal in the category of senior women above 21 years, while Elimi Tayeng won a bronze medal in this category.

The state also participated in the 13th Kudo National Tournament, 2022-23 and won six gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal.

The gold medalists were Tarh Taki, Charu Bading, Milton Taga, Hura Gambo Tarh, Rose Mary Gamno and Taro Duchok.

Kenter Bam and Charu Aniya won a silver and bronze medal respectively.

The tournament was sponsored and sponsored by the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who is also the chairman of Kudo International Federation India, also witnessed the tournament.

Bagang Nagung and Lishi Tossu are the coach and manager of the team, said the general secretary of the Arunachal Kudo Association Tarh Gambo.

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