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Labor Information

The AAMC has recognized the brilliance, strength and vitality of creative work on millions of people of African descent for over 400 years.

Land Information

We also identify the ancestral lands and hunting traditions of the Cherokee, Shawnee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Yuchi peoples in what is now Tennessee. We remember the settlement and intentional displacement of Native communities in the state of Tennessee and the health inequalities that exist in Indian communities in the United States today due to racial discrimination. people. We celebrate the resilience and strength shown by all Indians in this country and around the world till this day.

We know the many contributions that Indians and people of African descent have made and continue to make in this country, especially in the fields of medicine and science. Their land, work, body and mind – and those of other people and historical groups throughout the history of our nation – have contributed to the wealth of this nation and, by extension, at the AAMC.

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