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South African airline LIFT’s ceremonial water cannon salute at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport on Wednesday was criticized by social media users for its ‘wasteful use of water’.

Online responses

The inaugural LIFT flight that landed in Durban earlier this week was greeted with a traditional water cannon salute to mark its arrival at Durban’s second busiest domestic route: Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport.

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Despite the fan’s support, the transporter has received a ‘tone deaf’ response from some social media users over the ongoing water usage issue in the city.

“Meanwhile, we all have water restrictions and no water” one follower wrote.

“How did this happen when the neighboring towns did not get water after the floods in April?” Another responded to the argument.

Durban has been facing problems with its water supply since earlier this year the floods destroyed several water treatment plants in the city. While rehabilitation and construction work is underway, the work is not expected to be completed until December, leaving many residents with limited water supply.

LIFT quickly responded to the concerns, confirming that it was a spray for Tiki Tok followers “Drinkable, gray water” To avoid waste.

Sustainable failure

The water cannon salute derives from historical use in the navy and marine industry before crossing over to aviation. In the year After gaining popularity in the 1990s, water cannon salutes have become a staple for marking the launch of new routes, inaugurating new aircraft, and honoring retired personnel.

However, as the industry moves towards sustainability, some airlines are beginning to move away from the practice. Pioneering the change is Brazil’s low-cost Gol, which announced it would end water cannon salutes in March. He chose to set the goalPermanent baptism Check out Instagram, duplicating a shower in-app for passengers who want to capture the moment.

“A beautiful image created by baptism, although it attracts people who are curious about the time, it uses 3 to 5 thousand liters of water in each act. Although recycled water is used, the act uses precious resources that can be saved. It wants to be a reference for sustainable aviation in the country. Gol decided to avoid using water during the festival, hoping that water would have more useful uses. The carrier wrote in the description.

For LIFT forward

LIFT’s launch of its service from Johannesburg to Durban has seen widespread support, with social media users congratulating the carrier and celebrating the increased competition between the two cities. LIFT is the fifth airline to cover the profitable route, offering three daily flights on its Airbus A320 fleet.

Even though we’re in the middle of Covid, we know that if there’s any way to keep us going through the various waves we’ve had, this will be it. LIFT CEO John Ayache spoke to Easy Flight earlier this month.

“He had a good leisure time and although he didn’t have much business travel, he still had some on the road.”

So what’s next for the upcoming airline? Back on TikTok, a user asked LIFT if they would be launching flights between Durban and Cape Town soon. ‘🤭’ replied the airman with a cheeky squeal.

What do you think about airlines using water dispensers? Should the action be terminated? Let us know in the comments.

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