Lots of local events in Columbus, OH | Whuff News

You asked, we answered. A new and improved CBUStoday events calendar zero here.

Or maybe you didn’t know we also had a calendar of events— think about your paper c the most fun and relevant thing in Columbusincluding:

As CBUS members, we love to make sure Columbus has more opportunities Strong, flexible, and local calendar possible. In part, we rely on readers like you to keep us in the loop – get started send your events now. (As before, you can add your event to our calendar for free but we’ve also added a few new paid promotional opportunities to take advantage of. eat, starting at $15.)

In addition to the hundreds of events you can find it every month on our website, each issue of our newsletter it features a unique set of events, including ours select control panel for the coming week, set to date. Continue driving just a little and you will see what we mean. Pro tip: click the link to see our full calendar if you want to start planning ahead.

Want to know which events are our favorites? It’s yours Friendly neighborhood Director City (👋 that’s us, Hanna + Mitch) is often found in the new restaurant openings, soccer games, festivals, and shows — see what we’re up to in the Wrap section at the bottom of each newsletter or follow us on Instagram @thecbustoday.

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